01/12/2012 to 01/21/2012  Land of Entrapment
So this place is starting to grow on us.  Constant sunshine makes it hard to be grumpy. Friday the
13th we rode our bikes down to Elephant Butte Lake for a look around.  Then that evening we went to
Cafe Groovy Gritz and listened to a group who sung a song about the town of Truth or
Consequences.  They called it the "Land of Entrapment", an obvious play on New Mexico's slogan:
The folks at the Jungle Gym (Elephant Butte, Jungle Gym, punny,
huh?) had told me pedestrians could run across the small dam at
Elephant Butte lake (not the one we had walked across the week
before) so on Saturday I headed out for my long run and ran across
the small dam to the big dam and back, then all the way to the other
side of the big dam.  It is perfect running weather here, and lots of
hills.  We are at approx 4700' elevation so this should help me be
prepared for The Sedona Marathon on Feb. 4th.  

On Friday the 20th I headed out on my run again, but was tired of
carrying my water with me, so I asked Richard to ride his bike and
carry my water.  I should have known something was up when he
decided to ride my bike...  
On the little Elephant Butte Dam
Elephant Butte Lake
Almost to the big Elephant Butte Dam
See, my bike has the big knobby tires, his has these little skinny
road tires.  My plans were to stay on the road, but Richard The
Adventurer had different plans.  Off he went up a dirt path to try to
get a far-away picture of me.  I really am in that picture, down on the
road, waving.  Can you see me?  Well, Richard's adventure didn't
end there, he proceeded on, far off any road or path.  I thought he
was turning around to come back to the road, so I ran on.  After a
mile, when I still didn't see him behind me (and I was parched,
remember he had my water!) I turned around to go rescue him, just
sure he had fallen off and broken a leg or something.  When I got
back on top of the little dam, I looked down and on the non-lake side
of the dam, behind the no trespassing signs, way below on a
dirt/sand road, Richard was pushing his bike.  Sheesh.  After taking
a drink and hollering at him for making me worry, I once again
headed towards home.  Once we got there, he informed me that we
had to go on a walk later to look for his cell phone which had fallen
out of his pocket while he bounced down the mountain.  So we
hopped back on the bikes - making sure he was on his ROAD bike
this time, and headed back in search of the cell phone.  As we
approached the little dam, we saw a guy walking down the sand path
that Richard had pushed his bike up.  I was a little afraid that he was
an official guy looking for evidence of Richard's wrong-doing, but I
hollered at him anyway to please be on the lookout for a cell phone.  
We proceeded on to where Richard originally rode off the road, and
started walking in, calling the phone as we went.  About half way,
here came the guy, holding Richard's cell phone.  He said
something about Richard making crazy looking tracks and how
surprised he was that he had ridden his bike there.  Aren't we all...  
Further talk with this guy revealed that he had just purchased a
foreclosed house in Truth or Consequences, and that he thinks
investing in property now is a great plan since Spaceport America is
so close by.  I'm kinda addicted to real estate, and it's been all I
could do to not look at property here.  We've been talking how it's
growing on us, this 'Land of Entrapment' and now I'm being
encouraged by random strangers to buy property.  Ack!!  Got to