01/06/2012 to 01/11/2012  Lazy, lazy and ignorance is bliss
Lots of lazy on Friday.  Then on Saturday, Jan 7th for the New Mexico
centennial, they opened up the Elephant Butte Dam to pedestrians (first
time since 9-11).  So we headed to the dam to check it out and take a
walk across.
Lazy again on Sunday, then Monday we had an RV service guy out to
work on our long list of little issues.  On Tuesday we finally headed to
Truth or Consequences to soak in one of the many hot springs.  We
chose one that was right on the Rio Grande, so we had a good view while
we got took our hot mineral soak.  
As soon as we pulled back into the RV park, Richard (who just minutes
previous had been tired and "all relaxed" from the hot soak) saw that
his guitar buddies were down at the clubhouse, so like a little kid he
jumped out of the truck, grabbed his Dobro, and was gone.  He had
started asking about guitar players the first day in the park, and had
played with these guys a few times before.  I walked down to the
clubhouse about an hour later to check on him, and saw that he had
left in such a hurry, he still had his sunglasses on.  It's only a 2 minute
walk from the clubhouse to the RV, but he hadn't wanted to miss any
excitement so he hadn't come back to change them.  Silly boy!  
Today we headed out to the Gila National Forest, with plans to see the
cliff dwellings.  Richard had checked it out on the map, and off we went.  I
asked if he had mapquested it, but didn't push the issue.  Up through the
mountains, twisty turny roads.  Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful.  (And
Richard is pretty handsome too!)
But it was taking forever!  About two hours into our trip (which we both
had assumed would take about and hour and a half) we saw a sign
that said the cliff dwellings were two hours away.  Yikes!  We hadn't
planned an all day trip, so turned around, back up through the
mountains, and found a few trails to check out.
So while riding in the truck today, I thought about why this time around
feels different?  Last time we headed out in the RV it was all fun and
adventure, even web posting was a blast.  This time, not so much.  I've
decided that ignorance is bliss.  Last time we hadn't yet ciphered how
much gas costs in the truck.  We hadn't yet realized that hoping from
park to park wasn't economical and staying at least for the weekly rate
was required, even better the monthly rate.  This time we know all that,
and it's holding us back!  Also, last time having a website was unique,
now everyone has a blog.  I feel so boring.  We're going to have to make
some wild, gas guzzling, fast moving traveling plans and jazz this life up.