I almost cussed (okay, I probably did cuss) when we pulled up to the office at
Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort and parked right next to a giant pile of snow.  
It is 60 degrees back 'home' in Kansas City, and here we are in New Mexico,
settling in for a month-long stay, next to a pile of snow.  If you notice, it's
almost dark too!  After too much time trying to get checked in, we finally got to
our site in the pitch black evening and set up in the cold.
01/02/2012 to 01/05/2012  Who said this was a nice climate?
The main goal of our travels is to find the perfect place to live.  Ideally we would
like 70 degrees year round, low humidity, lush vegetation, inexpensive and not
over-crowded.  Should be easy to find, right?  So, rather than head south from
Brady to hang out on the beach, we headed west and slightly north to Truth or
Consequences, NM.  This area was highly recommended to us for year round
mildness.  We got up early on Monday, Jan 2nd and started the long drive.  
Long drives wear me out, so as we started getting closer to our destination, and
Richard said, "What's that white stuff on the side of the road?" it made me a bit
cranky.  We had no choice but to press on, trying to get to the park before
sundown so we wouldn't have to set up in the dark.
The next morning wasn't much better.  Frost
on everything, but the sun beats down all day
and warms things up to comfortable
temperature, then back down cold in the
evening.  Our first day here, Tuesday, we went
for coffee in the clubhouse to be social, then
hit WalMart and were lazy the rest of the day.  
Wednesday was coffee AND donuts in the
clubhouse, then, before settling in to be lazy
again, I got in a quick 4 mile run.

Internet here has not been good, and I've
been struggling with how to set up this blog on
the old website, without losing any of the old
stuff.  That burned through a few days.  
Today, Thursday 1-5, we ventured into Truth
or Consequences to take a look around.  
Remember the link above showing the
beautiful scenery.  Nope, not so, the town is a
dump, no way to put it nicely.  They have tried
to revive the downtown area, but still have a
ways to go.  We found a thrift store and I got a
few books in Spanish so I can get some of my
language back before we head to Mexico, then
when we got back, the internet was working
and I spent the rest of the afternoon online.  
Tomorrow, no more laziness!  Maybe we will try
to find some hotsprings or go see a ghost town.