Since we left so late on Wednesday, we drove as far as we could before stopping at the WalMart in Chickasha,
OK for the night.  We wanted to get up early, but it was so cold in the RV when we woke up that we had to stay
under the covers for a while.  We still managed to get back on the road by about 6:30, and finally got back to our
old stomping grounds in Brady, TX at 1:30 Thursday afternoon.  Then had to go through a bunch of run around
to get the trailer weighed (proudly weighed in at only 2,000 lbs over the maximum carrying capacity, no wonder
we're getting such bad gas mileage) and inspected (injected, detected, infected, neglected and selected).  Finally
got everything changed to Texas - even my drivers license photo with non-washed hairdo and all - and headed
out to Mike and Marsha's house where they kindly let us park the trailer and hook up to some electricity.

On Friday, 12-30 we met with our other neighbor and our renters who are doing a great job of keeping the dirt in
place out on our ranch, then we went into town for supper with the Finlays and a piano concert put on by Mike's
nephew.  With our new freedom, I've decided to try to learn to play the piano (we even crammed a keyboard into
our RV) but I'll never be that good!  
12/28/2011 to 01/01/2012  Texas Residents Y'all
Saturday we went to check out the new
Waldrip bridge.  It had been closed for
over 6 years, and the "Waldrip Bridge
Closed" signs were so permanent that we
had been using them as a landmark when
giving directions to our place.  No one
uses the bridge, or needs to, but our fine
government had spent 1.3 million to put it
back in service, so we figured we better
drive over it and back and brag on it a bit.  
It is just a few miles from our place, and
crosses the Colorado River.

We stayed until today so Richard could
find some time to do some pickin'and
grinin' with Mike.  We plan to head out
early tomorrow morning for warmer