2010 Jamison
July 22nd - July 27th
The 2010 Jamison Reunion was hosted by Marty and Tanya in beautiful Marietta, Ohio.  
In attendance were:
Hilda & Walt Jamison, Marty & Tanya Jamison, Chris & Linda Jamison, Richard & Kyra Bronson, Jimmy & Laurel
Graves, Ben Jamison, Derek Jamison his girlfriend Kat, Aaron & Heather (soon-to-be) Moles, and the dogs:  
Tycho, Betty and Hank.
Most of us arrived Thursday, July 22nd, and we started Friday off with typical Jamison activity – boating and
drinking.  We decided to head up the Muskingum River, through one of the historic, hand-operated locks.  
Chris’ boat wasn’t big enough for all of us, so we improvised.
After lots of sun, many beers, and some tree
jumping, our group headed back to get ready for
supper and the talent show.  Supper was at Hilda
and Walt’s house.  After a wonderful meal, the vote
was cast to have Derek host the 2012 reunion
somewhere in the mountains of Tennessee.  Can’t
wait!!  We missed those who weren't in attendance.  
Hopefully we can all make it to Tennessee in 2012!

Then the dishes were cleared in preparation for the
talent show, and the house could hardly contain the
Jamison talent that followed:
Who needs a big
boat?  Chris,
Richard, Kyra & Kat
pulled Aaron,
Heather & Derek
behind in the row
In the lock -
going up!
The guys standing on top of the
wall actually crank open those
huge doors by hand.  (Think that
little life jacket will keep that
guy afloat?)
Once upriver, we looked and looked for a rope
swing, cause everyone knows you're supposed
to swing on a rope into the river.  Alas, there
was no rope to be found, so the guys found a
tree to jump out of instead.  The blurry
spider-monkey in this picture is Aaron.  
Tanya talked
tea and Marty
did a rope
wowed us
with her yoga
and Hilda
sang a tune.
Aaron danced
the centipede
and Richard
played guitar.
Derek & Kat
told a joke that
made us groan
and Jimmy &
strummed a
After the talent
show, there
was lots of
pickin' &
grinnin'.  Even
Walt joined in!  
(Until he saw
that he was
being watched!)

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The gang
Saturday we all gathered at the Muskingum cottages for the day.  There was boating, and eating, and playing.  
Then, those of us who were brave enough headed into Marietta for a GHOST TOUR!  
(But the scariest thing we saw was a bat - if this had only been a vampire tour...  OoooOoooOOOhhooo)
Sunday was bowling day!  This was the first time
Hilda had ever bowled.  There were three teams,
and all I know is my team lost!  
The gang
Monday morning Chris was itching to get back on
the water, so we did a bit of skiing and tubing
before we had to pull the boat out.  
Monday afternoon was the outing on the
stern-wheeler Valley Gem which cruised us down
the Muskingum and into the Ohio River.   
Take One
Take Two
Take One
Take Two
Tuesday morning the last reunioners left Marietta.  Like always, a great time was had by all.  Looking forward to
another wonderful meet-up in Tennessee in 2012!!  

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