Christmas and New Years
It's been a long time since I put a page up, so I'll try to sum up and remember
everything.  First of all, the weather here is not nearly as cold as expected.  
When we arrived, there was still snow on the ground, and a bitter cold wind
nearly froze me to death, but the next day it melted off and the weather has
been between nice and tolerable ever since.  

The first or second night we were here, we ate wedding cake.  A little late for
our one year anniversary, but that cake wouldn't have been very good if we
had been carrying it around in the RV for the last year.  
Friday, 12-23, we went to Topeka for dinner with my dad and step-mom.  
Then my mom had Christmas dinners Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  We
gave my nieces the Jelly Belly hats and they had a great time.  
Christmas Day we snuck out after one of my mom's meals to go to Sara's
house and watch Chelsea and Lexi open their gifts.  Lexi did her gymnastics
floor and beam routines for us.  
Then Tuesday morning, 12-17, we headed up to Davenport, Iowa to see my
Granny.  We also stopped by and saw my cousin Mickey and her family.  We got
back to KC late on Thursday, then headed over to Clinton on Friday, 12-31, to
spend the weekend with Richard's sister and her family.  Saturday night we drove
to Sedalia to spend New Years Eve with friends up there.  We played poker.  I
started with $2.75, and built it up to $26.00 before we left.  We felt like big winners,
until we had to put it all into the truck to pay for gas for the drive back from Sedalia.
 (We borrowed a truck from Tony--he filled it with pheasant feathers and shot gun
shells and other hunting paraphernalia since he knew how much I would appreciate
that.)  Monday we were still in Clinton to hang out with Richard's siblings.  His
brother drove down from Wisconsin, and his other sister drove up from Stockton.

So, with the family stuff out of the way, we started trying to see friends.  We've
been having lunch and dinner at various houses in the KC area.  Anyway, we're
having a great time, but we're worn out.  This is more activity than we've had in the
last several months.  Guess we got too used to being retired.  Saturday, 1-7, we
head back to LA to start driving to TX.