12/12/05 to 12/17/05
Well, we haven't been doing much this last week.  The first part of the week, I
spent finishing Christmas crafts and getting ready to return to KC.  Every other
day we've been driving the 8 miles to the little road house/country store to check
emails and phones since we have no connections here at the park.  We went to
Wal-Mart once, an hour from here.  I didn't think anything in CA was so spread
out.  It is wonderful!!  

We have been entertained this week by seeing how many acorns the
woodpeckers can put on a ledge in our propane cabinet.  See, Richard took the
latch off of the door a few weeks ago because it was broken, and we haven't
been anywhere to get a new one yet, so there is a small hole in the door where
the latch used to be.
We didn't think anything about it, but early in the week when Richard opened it up
to check the propane, he found an acorn.  That isn't so surprising, knowing the
stupid birds and how they will stick an acorn in any hole they can find.  What is
surprising is that this door doesn't open to a solid floor.  For safety I guess, since
it's the propane cabinet, the floor is open.  We wonder how many times the poor
birds have stuck acorns through, only to watch them fall to the ground below.  I
hope it's been driving them as crazy as they drive me!!  When I went out to take
this picture, the birds had managed to set two small half pieces of acorns on the
little ledge running across under the hole.  (The ledge looks big in this picture, but
remember, the door covers at least half of the width of that shelf when it is closed.)
On Friday, 12-16, we drove into Santa Barbara for the first time.  With the
exception of a few small subdivisions with huge houses, the city has parks all
along the ocean, so it is easily accessible by all.  
We watched boats, looked at the oil rigs, and took pictures of the dolphins.
Then we continued along the beach to make the mandatory harbor stop so
Richard could look at all the sailboats.  We were slightly more interested in the
ominous looking clouds approaching, so after looking at boats forever, we
headed for home.  
We both agree that Santa Barbara is one of the best places we've been.  All the
houses are neat and tidy.  The people are out and about, and friendly!!  The ocean
and mountains make a gorgeous setting.  The city reminds us of Costa Rica, only
clean.  So, if anyone out there wants to buy us a house or land here, we wouldn't
object.  (Texas would miss us of course.)

Monday the plan is to drive the rig into LA and park it in storage somewhere.  I've
made at least 40 calls, and most RV storage lots are totally full.  I have found one
that supposedly has space, we'll see.  Then we will stay Monday night with my
brother, and fly to KC on Tuesday, 12-20.  We will be there until Jan. 7th, then fly
back to LA for the long drive to TX.  (Unless, of course, Santa gives us a place
near Santa Barbara.)  This way at least our home can avoid the bitter cold,
freezing, Missouri weather.  I wish we could do the same.
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