11/13/05 to 11/19/05
Saturday, 11-13, we started putting the house in order for our move on Sunday.  
What this really means is that we moved the wine back into the shower.  The
Merlot was fermenting away in the large white trash can looking thing, which was
one more than we had on our last move, and you saw how tight it was last time.  
We finally decided blackberry would have to ride outside the shower, since he is
the oldest and all.  
Sunday we headed to the NACO park just North of Coloma on HWY 49.  The
guide book tells us not to take 49 in, since it is such a curvy mountain road, but
since we don't listen to rules like that, and it was the most direct route, away we
went.  We got to the park and found a perfect site on the South Fork of the
American River.  We had to evict a group of ducks from our site before we could
park and after taking a walk around the park, we returned to find them on our
front yard.  Guard ducks?
The river was calling to us, but it gets dark so early and after dinner it was pitch
black, so we were going to wait until Monday to check it out, but at 10:30 I
decided I couldn't wait any longer, so we headed down to the river with our fishing
poles.  The darkness didn't change anything, we had our usual fishing luck.  
Richard caught a stick.  I caught nothing.
Monday morning, 11-14, we got up early and took back roads to Roseville to
take Richard to the chiropractor again.  We saw a lot of pretty country, but the
most exciting thing was passing by Folsom prison.  (I only know it for the song,
but hey, that makes it famous to me.)

Tuesday, 11-15, we headed to Vacaville to Al and Tina's house.  From there we
went with them to the Jelly Belly factory.
Yes, Richard
is making a
stupid face.  
He does that
any time I try to
take a picture
that he thinks
will be stupid.  
Well, this one
cause I think
me and Mr.
Jelly Belly look
just fine, so Mr.
Goofy Face
gets to be put
on the internet.
 Maybe now
he will cut it out
Here we are in
our cute paper
hats we had to
wear to tour
the factory.  
We even got
free samples.  
It was
supposed to
be after the
tour, but Tina
is like a little
kid, and she
convinced us
to stand in the
sample line
before AND
after the tour.
Then we went to the Budweiser Factory to get free samples of beer.  We were the
only ones for the tour and tasting, but just at the last minute a tour bus filled with old
people pulled up.  You've never seen old people push in line until you've seen them
at the beer sample bar.  How does that happen to us?  I thought we had left the old
folks at the RV park.  Since we were now at the back of the crowd, it took us a
while to get our samples, and we had just sat down when Richard, Tina and I got
called up out of the throng of old folks to partake in a scientific study, the infamous
"A" versus "B" test.  We were obviously the best candidates for the job, since we
were among the few who could have made it up to the front, since the rest of the
crowd was still recovering from being winded after rushing the bar.
We were
trying to
fresh and old
beer.  We
were allowed
to smell the
beers to see
if we could
tell a
Yes, I am
smelling, not
sneaking a
Even though Tina guessed wrong, we all were awarded Honorary Brewmasters.  
How did they know we had been making wine?  Well I raced home to show
Merlot my certificate and tell him I mean business.  I don't know that he paid any
attention to me or my certificate.
On Wednesday, 11-16, we drove into historic downtown Placerville to look around
and pick up MORE wine making supplies.  Wednesday night I spent several hours
pressing the grapes out of the Merlot.  We're still not sure how it will turn out.

Thursday morning, 11-17, we decided to try to placate the ducks (they come by
every morning and afternoon to yell at us) by feeding them the pressed grape skins
and seeds.  Here is Richard with the peace offering:
And here are seven of the ducks, bellied up to the bar. (Well, one duck is a little
backwards, did she have too much already? )
We also cleaned house on Thursday because we were having several guests for the
weekend.  Julie and Karrie came over Friday night.  Saturday morning we went out
fishing.  Julie and Karrie were borrowing our fishing poles.  We warned them of the
bad luck they typically brought, but Julie paid us no mind as she immediately
hooked a fish, well, a close to a fish as we've seen in a while.
Who's eating who
here?  I think the
worm might be
Then Al and Tina arrived, so we got to introduce our Lesbian friends to
our Nudist friends.  
(Karrie, Richard {who still didn't catch a fish} Julie, Al & Tina.)
When the ducks made their usual afternoon appearance, Richard tried out some
of his old chicken wrangling moves, and scooped one up.  (The backwards one
from the above picture, maybe she was still drunk.)
We quickly realized that she was happier to be held if she was being fed at the
same time.  Crazy damn duck.
Tomorrow we will head "over the mountains" to Reno.  We will be going on the
more fuel efficient motorcycle of course.  The weather has been exceptionally warm
the last week, and I have hope that it will be warm for our ride tomorrow too, but
whenever we tell anyone we're going to Reno, they say, "oh, over the mountains, it
will be cold in the mountains."  So, I am NOT looking forward to the drive.
I know, you don't really care about our adventures at all, you just want to know if the
mice are gone and see how the wine is doing.  It appears that we left the rodents at
the last RV park.  As for the wine, here is our "family" with the new addition.  Good
thing we labeled them, Merlot looks exactly like Cranberry.  (Don't worry, they don't
taste anything alike.)  The thing in this area is apples.  Tons of apple growers, and I
have a recipe for apple wine...
Clockwise from
bottom corner: 1
gallon Cranberry, 1
pint Merlot, 5 gallon
Merlot, 1.75 Litre
Cranberry, 5 gallon
Blackberry, 5 gallon
Cranberry, then the
three Rieslings. (5,3 &
1 gal.)  The reason
the gallon Riesling
looks different from
the other two is the
smaller volume allows
the light to go through
easier.  They are
getting much clearer,
huh?  I know some of
you doubt it, but that
will be white wine.