9/19/05 to 9/24/05
On the last web page, I vowed not to go blackberry picking any more.  Well, we
got to thinking it over, and we had bought a 5 gallon glass carboy to siphon the
"must" (that's wine-maker for the stuff you start with, mashed berries and yeast
and stuff) into from the "primary fermenter."  However, we had only made a
double batch of wine, yielding a little over 2 gallons.  Now, the directions for
making wine are that you fill the glass carboy up to the neck.  So, 5 gallon carboy,
just over 2 gallons of stuff to fill it, see the problem?  We considered exchanging
the carboy for a 3 gallon, but we weren't to keen on that because we want to be
big time wine makers, and eventually we will need several 5 gallon carboys.  After
much debate, I came up with the brilliant idea of just doubling our recipe again,
which meant of course that we needed more berries.  So on Monday, 9-19, after
vowing to never pick again, we put on our torn up clothing and headed out to pick
2 more gallons.  The rest of the week was spent babying the wine, making 2 more
trips to the wine place to buy things us wine-makers thought we just had to have,
and watching the sunsets over the bay.
Friday, 9-23, was the first day the sky was clear enough to see Mount Baker.  
We always knew it was there, and caught hazy glimpses some times, but this
was the first time we had actually seen it.  Surprisingly, there was snow on top.  
(If you didn't read the sarcastic tone in the previous sentence, you haven't been
paying attention.)  Beautiful through the fall foliage.
Also on Friday we had to do some work on the trailer.  It wasn't too serious
because we had driven there and sat for almost two weeks before either of us
noticed the problem, but Richard saw it Thursday night and had to drive 80 miles
one way to get the part we needed.  Will the fixing ever end?
Once our repair chores were done, it was time to play with the wine again.  We
siphoned it off into the carboy.  Isn't it cute?  See the blue taped on the wall, we
covered up the vent to keep it warm, and we had a heating pad under it when it
was in the plastic tub.  We took it's temperature repeatedly throughout the day.  
Who needs a pet?
Early Saturday morning, 9-24, we got up saw a glimpse of 60 mph Seattle and
Mount Rainier as we drove South to Long Beach, WA.  We're in a NACO
campground again, under our membership, so we're staying for FREE.  
After we got all set up at NACO, we walked to the beach and played with beach
trash, including several dead jelly fish.  
Then we sat up on a ridge of tall grass and watched the ocean.  If you look past
Mr. Reed Grass Indian King, you can see the beautiful waves.