09/09/05 to 09/11/05
So, on Friday the 9th we woke up to the sound of rain.  Big surprise.  We headed
out to see our bees and orchards in the gloom, but still had a great time.  The entire
Okanogan Valley is gorgeous, with orchards, vineyards and quaint houses up both
sides of the valley.  I got to feed the goats, see the beautiful valley behind me?   
"Hi cute
"Oh, you
too big
guy? Well
okay, here
ya go."
Attack of
the giant
So, after I recovered from the vicious goat attack, we hooked up the RV and
headed down to Penticton.  It rained the whole way, except for the 5 minutes it
took us to drive through Summerville.  Good name.  So, we camped alongside a
beautiful beach in Penticton, which of course we could not use since it was

On Saturday, 9/10, we crossed back into the states, on highway 97, then
crossed the entire state of Washington on highway 20, through the magnificent  
Cascade mountains.
We finally arrived on the West Coast, in Birch Bay.  We are in a beautiful
member's only RV park, just one block from the Ocean.  The best part is that since
we're members, thanks to my grandparents, we get to stay for FREE!!  This is
exactly what we need since gas prices are killing us.  We put exactly $100 US
dollars in the truck last time we filled up!!  So, we will stay here the maximum 2
weeks and take day trips on the much better mileage motorcycle.

So, we arrived at the NACO Birch Bay RV park on Saturday afternoon, and as we
were eating dinner outside at the picnic table (meaning it was good weather for
the first time in weeks!) we saw a black squirrel.  Maybe you've seen them, but I
never had, and am still amazed.  After much investigation, I finally discovered that
it was a peanut in his mouth.  Isn't he cool?  We've seen several since, so he's not
a mutation or anything.
On Sunday, 9-11, it was still sunny and gorgeous.  We drove along the coast, saw
all the blackberry bushes along the other side of the road, and hit the tourist office
for brochures on the area.  From those brochures, we discovered that we just
missed the wooden boat festival in Port Townsend, so to try to console Richard, I
told him we could drive down there tomorrow so see if any boats are left.  It's 100
miles and a ferry ride away...