This morning we went and joined all the other tourists looking at beautiful Lake
Louise.  It was beautiful.  
Then we hooked up the RV and headed out on Highway 1.  We stopped in the
Yoho National Park to see the natural bridge over the Kicking Horse River.  It
was gorgeous with the same turquoise water from glacial run-off.  
Then we stopped in the Glacier National Park to walk through the ancient
Hemlocks and Cedars.  After not crossing the barricade yesterday to climb up
the glacier, I had to redeem myself, so after Richard begged me for a while, and
promised to bail me out of Canadian Parks jail if I got caught, I climbed up on a
giant fallen cedar.  He is such a bad influence!
Then finally we were heading out of the Rockies.  Good bye frozen tundra, good
bye snow covered mountains, good bye glacial streams.  We fled the icy
weather, speeding down out of the mountains.
Although we found the scenery in the Rockies to be more than breathtaking, we
were thrilled to see such common sites as farms, cows, corn and SUN!!  We
stopped in Sicamous at the Dutchman's Dairy where Richard had an ice cream
cone while I petted (and got licked and slobbered on by) baby Holsteins.  Then
we stopped again in Armstrong at Village Cheese to see how the stuff is
made.  We've stopped in beautiful Vernon, and tomorrow we will go see bees
making honey, and an orchard, then head further South on Highway 97 to
Penticton where there are at least 20 vineyards to tour (and taste!)