Yesterday evening when we came into town to check emails and upload the last
few web pages, we checked the weather forecast for Banff.  Of course everything
is in Celsius, but when we saw that it was going to be 2 degrees overnight, we
were pretty sure that would be cold.  In an attempt to enjoy ourselves more, we've
been turning the heater on, and so last night we set it at 50 degrees.  I woke up at
6:00 AM to do some thermometer work for you, and I could only hold my arm out
the front door until the thermometer dropped to 37.4 degrees, and it was still
dropping, but so was my body temperature, so I gave up really knowing.  I didn't
want to know more anyway, much lower than that would start putting us in danger
of an RV freeze up.  When we left KC I promised our poor RV I would never put it
in freezing weather again.  I promised myself too.

But having the heater on in the house did us some good, and we got out of bed
without too much crankiness.  We headed out of the campground to go on a hike
and I shrieked at the site of the mountain we had taken our picture in front of just
yesterday.  Can you tell the difference?  SNOW.  Don't believe me?  
Click here
and check out yesterday's picture, sans snow!
The temperature was still very cold, but we looked up at the mountain we had
planned to climb and did not see any snow so we headed up.  It was a hard climb,
and even though I was cold I was sweating.  So now I'm cold AND wet.  How can
that happen?  Besides those two small problems, the hike was gorgeous. The
path led us up through tall pine trees, with roots taking over in most places.
Yup, this was my view the
entire time.  As I was
panting, wheezing, and--due
to the 6 layers of shirts I put
on in a vain attempt to stay
warm--sweating, Richard
just trotted along ahead of
me.  He even wanted to
yodel when he got to the
top!!  Who's 60?
We finally reached a summit with a gorgeous view of the lake we stood in front of
for the picture this morning.  This part of the lake looked more turquoise from up
there.  The mountain in the background has some interestingly shaped peaks,
and behind those, you can see our snow covered mountain.
So, I was happy, we had reached a summit, gorgeous view, ready to go back
down, when Richard said that the trail continued up.  I voted to let it go up all by
itself, but no, Mr. Mountain Climber hadn't had enough, so up we went.  He took my
picture up there, but my expression just it isn't respectable enough to show.  (See
the little brown line under his elbow, that was our path!  We had gone to where the
path stopped and we were looking at a sheer cliff.  Good thing too or Richard
would have wanted to climb it too.   
After lunch and a well deserved shower, we headed to the laundromat.  Hey,
sweating through 6 shirts doesn't leave a girl much to wear!  On the way we
spotted another heard of elk.  (We had seen three male elk the night before.)  
What I suspect to be a young boy without his antlers, or maybe he had shed his
already, but he, or she, was hanging out with the girls so I don't know.  Anyway,
the elk, whatever it is, posed for me.  Piece of grass hanging out of his/her mouth
like he/she was a regular farmer or something.  Cute huh?  Uh, I mean Eh?