08/25/05 to 8/26/05
We finally woke up on Thursday, 8-25, at 11:00.  We're still not sure we've
recovered from our 3 days with Jack.  The weather here is so crappy.  We've
been asking each other all day which one of us wanted to come to Canada
anyway.  We decided it was the convincing of our friend Shannon from Reno.  
She is Canadian, and had nothing but good things to say about it.  Of course,
in her defense, she told us about Alberta, and so far we've only been in
Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  {That's Jack's fault, eh?}

How can so many mosquitoes live where it is so cold and windy anyway?

We've got the space heater plugged in, the sky is grey, and the wind is
blowing so hard I had to go find our welcome mat this morning.
Moose Jaw supposedly has a lot to offer the tourist.  We had plans to go see
fun stuff, but while I shiver inside and type bad things about the Canadian
weather, Richard is outside putting a rail on the front of the motorcycle rack.  
Maybe it will warm up this afternoon, eh?

Well, it did not warm up.  We ran errands (taking Richard's rack rail to get
welded, going to the library to check e-mails, and hitting Wal-Mart) then came
home where Richard has been working outside all day in this miserable
weather.  We've decided we need to remind Canada that this is still

On Friday, 8-26, we decided to brave the weather and head to downtown
Main Street.  We went on an overpriced tour of the underground tunnels
previously used to bootleg (they claim Al Capone used to hide out here and
run booze back to the U.S.) and to hide illegal Chinese workers.  Of course,
the tunnels we saw were just replicas of the original tunnels--and no one
knows what happened to the originals.  They also weren't able to offer any
evidence that Al Capone was ever here.  We figure Moose Jaw decided this
story would make some money, so they dug a few tunnels under downtown
Main Street.

Then we walked around downtown.  They get real cutesie with the name, as
you can see in this pedestrian crossing sign.  There are moose figurines,
mugs and t-shirts everywhere.
While at the tunnel tour, we picked up a pamphlet which tells where the name
Moose Jaw came from.  You won't believe this, "
Moose Jaw - A distinctive city
with a distinctive name, originating from the Cree word 'Moosegaw', meaning
'Warm Breezes'."  If these freezing gales are what they consider warm breezes, I
would hate to be here in December.  
Tomorrow we're heading to Calgary, I hope it is warmer there.