08/18/05 to 08/21/05
On Thursday we headed out on the motorcycle to see Mount Rushmore.  On
our way there, we caught several glimpses of it.  When we arrived, they wanted
$8.00 to park, so we pulled a fast U-turn and went back to take pictures from
the free vantage points.  The $8.00 doesn't even go to the government, it's a
"concessionaire."  After the $8.00 to park, there probably is an entrance fee.  
$8.00, and we weren't even in a car, shouldn't it at least have been half price
for a motorcycyle?  We got better pictures from the side of the road anyway.  
We weren't even looking for wildlife, but we saw a bunch of cute mountain goats
grazing by the side of the road.  Awe, isn't he cute?
After seeing Mount Rushmore, we went to see Crazy Horse.  I had never heard
about Crazy Horse.  Anyway, in 1948 the Lakota Indians asked this guy Korczak,
who had helped build Mount Rushmore, to come build a statue of Crazy Horse.  
Anyway, when completed, the statue will be taller than the Washington Memorial,
and the Mount Rushmore statue would fit in Crazy Horse's hair.  Korczak refuses
any federal funding (although he has been offered it twice) so his project is going
very slowly.  He passed away in 1982 and his kids have been building it ever
since.  So, here is the picture of the mountain in the background, with a model of
what it will look like later.  Pretty impressive, huh?
As you may have noticed, also impressive are the HUGE rain clouds.  That's
right, we're on the motorcycle, about 100 miles away from the RV park, and it
started pouring rain.  So, we shivered and dripped all the way home.  

On Friday, 8-19, we waited out the rain until 2:00, then drove back down
towards Mount Rushmore and further south to Iron Mountain Road.  This is a
very famous twisty, curvy road that winds through the Black Hills National
Forest.  There are several one lane tunnels and one lane bridges, and lots of
Then, like almost all the other times we've been out on the bike, we rode home
in the rain.  
Finally, on Saturday, we woke up to the first warm day in a MONTH.  We were
finally able to go out on the bike in short sleeves!!  We headed to Devil's Tower.  
It is a very impressive mount of ancient magma, rising high above the rest of the
landscape.  We started seeing glimpses of it about 20 miles away.  
Tomorrow we're heading towards Canada to meet Richard's family.