8/12/05 to 8/13/05
On Thursday night, 8-11, well, it was really Friday morning I guess, we made
popcorn and hot chocolate at 12:30 AM and drove up past the entrance to
Glacier National Park to watch the meteor shower.  We had to drive a ways to
get away from the street lights and stuff.  It was freezing cold, but worth it.  We
saw at least 50 shooting stars.  
So, since we were out until 2:00AM, we weren't that sad that Friday was rainy,
cold and gloomy.  We drove into town and ran errands, and went into more junk,
uh, I mean "antique" shops.  One thing we finally gave out and bought was a cup
of huckleberries.  Every third or fourth store here is just a little shack selling
huckleberries, and they aren't cheap!  Of course, since they are so expensive, no
one will give a taste test, so we bought one cup for $5.00.  They look just like
blueberries, and taste very similar too, more tart is all.  I think they are what we
picked when I was a kid and called "wild blueberries."  Anyway, they are really
good, I'm just not sure they are $5.00 good.   
Saturday morning 8-13, we got up and turned on the news, only to find out that
the night before, northwest Montana (that's right, that's where we are) had it's first
snow of the season.  (It's the middle of August!!)  The low for tonight is supposed
to be 39 degrees.  What else could we do but bundle up and go on a walk?  We
decided to hike from Lake McDonald to Snyder Lake.  It is a 4.4 mile path, that
ascends a mere 2147 feet!   
Of course, we quickly found out that it climbs what seems like 1500 feet in the
first mile.  Once we got through the steep, dark, heavily forested portion of the
trail, and it turned towards the lake, we started seeing berries that looked
exactly like huckleberries.  They tasted the same too, so we decided they were
huckleberries, and ate about $3.50 worth as we climbed.  
The scenery was gorgeous, we were hiking up through the mountains, some of
which still had snow.  We finally got to the lake and relaxed and ate the dinner
we had packed.  Now that the dinner was gone, we had empty zip lock bags so
we picked about $10.00 worth of huckleberries.  Richard was operating under
the "put one in the bag, put one in my mouth" method of picking, so he only gets
to eat $3.00 worth.  
We were actively looking for bears, and we thought maybe the smell of the
huckleberries we were carrying might attract them, but no such luck.  Here's all
the wildlife we saw:
We erroneously thought that if the 4.4 miles in were all uphill, the 4.4 miles out
would be super easy.  Well, they were until that last damn mile where it was so
steep.  That incline is really bad on joints.  So, we're pretty sore after our 9 mile
adventure today.