08/09/05 to 08/11/05
On Tuesday, August 9th, we arrived in Hungry Horse, MT, near Glacier National
Park.  We're centrally located to both the National Park, and Flathead lake.  On
Wednesday we drove into the gorgeous Glacier National Park.  We've decided that
this is the most beautiful (and also most cold, probably 55 degrees when we sat
shivering in the sun to eat our picnic lunch) of all the National Parks we've visited so
{After my disappointing photos of the moose and the bears, we stopped at the Best
Buy in Missoula and got a new camera, so be sure to comment on how great these
photos are.)
We drove through the park on the Going to the Sun Road.  This is a twisty narrow road,
climbing up the side of a mountain.  One of the t-shirts we saw in the souvenir shops
said, "real women don't need guardrails."  We were on the bike, and got mighty close
to the edge several times, so Richard insisted I mention that there were not guardrails.
 (Unless, of course, you count the 1 foot high stone walls, which I thought counted for
something.  Okay, so they weren't everywhere, but most of the areas where you got
really close to the edge had them.)
We were scouting for the normal bears, elk, moose, you know, wildlife, but since we
were in Glacier National Park, we were also scouting Glaciers.  Supposedly there is
one in this picture, but it all looks like snow and clouds to us.  The sign says there's
one there, "Johnson Glacier"  or "Jackson Glacier" or something like that.  Who
cares, you can't see it anyway?  
On Thursday, August 11th, we drove down the west side of Flathead lake.  (We had
driven up from Missoula on the east side.)  We stopped in antique shops and bought
crap we don't need.  (A meat grinder--the old kind that sits on the edge of a table.  My
mom had one, she ground nuts with it.  I thought I should have one, a book on
canning--for all the things I grind up, and two books on river rafting--guess who picked
those out.)  On the way back to the RV park, we pulled over at a Best Western.  Their
sign said "free wireless internet," so we used it.  I suspect they meant it was free for
guests, but we borrowed it.  Unfortunately, we weren't important enough to have
received personal emails from
anyone, so it wasn't really worth it.  
After driving around the lake, we drove along the middle fork of the Flathead river,
looking for put-ins and take-outs to float the river.  The water is really low since we're
in the height of summer (even though it feels like February!) so we're not sure we
will really float it, but we've got it all scouted out just in case.