08/04/06 to 08/26/06
A lot has happened since my last update.  I never intended to wait this long, but
things have been so busy.  I'll try to tell it all and get it in order.  Here goes.  Sunday,
Aug. 6th was my birthday.  We were hanging out in the pool, relaxing, when the
goats finally figured out they could walk up to the homestead.  
They also found their way into the chicken pen and got the lid off the chicken
scratch.  After such a meal, they decided to come up every day for the next 4 days.  
We finally left them locked up a few days and they cut it out.  Maybe it was just that it
got hotter and they didn't want to sweat for a quarter mile getting up the hill.  Good
thing cause the chickens were afraid to go in and eat or drink with the goats
hanging out in there.
Now, I would hate to blame it on the goats, but remember how we got our chicks
the same day as the neighbors?  Well we were just sure ours would lay first.  We
let them out of the pen more than the neighbors do, and we talk to ours, etc.  All
the things that should make them lay eggs right?  Wrong.  The neighbor called on
Tuesday, 8-8, to gloat about his first egg.  Fine, I decided we must have been
getting eggs all along, but they must be laying them under bushes somewhere, so
we decided to leave them locked up until late afternoon.  We kept them locked up
until late afternoon from 8-9 until 8-22 when we finally got our first egg.  I even put
store-bought eggs in on 8-17 to try to encourage them, but they eventually
disappeared.  So then I thought we had snakes and I sat in there for an hour
watching for snakes that were eating all our eggs, but nope, no damn eggs.  
We're finally getting some, but not many.  We have 23 hens, and yesterday they
laid a record 4 eggs.  Here they are, my sterile hens.  (And one turkey)
On Wednesday, 8-9, I got all motivated and decided to paint the outside of the
bunkhouse.  I opened up the can of beautiful warm beige that I had selected.  It was
called "honey roasted."  Sounds nice, huh?  Well the little 1"X3" sample card that
had the color on it was a little too little.  When I opened the can my "honey roasted"
was more like "orange sherburt."  I proceeded, just sure that it would dry a better
color, but no.  It's orange.  It wouldn't be so bad, but our brick-red roof reflects the
bright blue sky and takes on a violet hue that really clashes with the orange.  So
much for all my motivation.  Richard told his brother about it, and he said we might
want to keep it that color, it would protect us from hunters during deer season.
I went out and bought new paint, but I've found all kinds of excuses not to use it.  The
most recent is that yesterday I got my painting clothes on and was all geared up to
paint, but when I opened the door to go out, Mica ran in.  See, she and her kittens
have been banished to the outside for about three weeks, ever since Mica shit on the
couch--for the second time.  Wrangler managed to potty-train himself, and since
Mica wants to kill him, he suckered us into letting him move into the RV.  Well, the
104 degree heat convinced Mica that she should run in, and she was being all nice
to Wrangler, not killing him or anything, but I thought I should stay in and guard him
anyway.  After an hour of her being sweet, she pounced on poor little Wrangler to kill
him, and I pulled her off and she killed my wrist instead, so now I'm all defective and
swollen and won't be able to paint for at least two more days...  
But, besides the outside color, we're getting close.  The bunkhouse has to be done
by next weekend because my grandparents are coming up for the Bar-B-Que Goat
Cook-Off.  Richard is out there right now, finishing the cabinets.  
So, now that I've painted such a nice picture of Mica, I need desperately to get rid of
her and her babies.  She is a wonderful, sweet, loving, gorgeous cat.  I've only been
injured by here twice, when I got between her and her prey.  So, she needs to go to a
home with no other pets, but with someone who can give her lots of love and
affection.  Her kittens get along with everyone, and they are so cute!!  Here are some
pictures to help you make your decisions.  Email me your choices soon, I'm sure they
will go fast...
How can you resist?  After making your kitten choice, let me know how many
chickens (or turkeys) you want.  We have to reduce our flock by half.  Why?  Well, it's
a long story, but remember how we bought Richard a Suzuki Samurai for his
birthday?  Well we had to buy me something for my birthday, so we bought me a
house.  It's in the city, and the rules say we can only have 15 chickens and two
goats.  So, we have 12 chickens and 2 turkeys to give away.  
I suppose you want more details.  Okay, well I've been trying to get back on at
Hantover for a long time.  I tried to get them to hire me for something down here, but
the only way I could get back in was to move back to Kansas City, so that's what
we're doing.  Aren't you excited?  We were in KC last weekend, and looked at
about 40 houses.  We made an offer on a house this morning, and I will be moving
up in the RV in two weeks and Richard will stay here and milk the goat and beg the
chickens for eggs while we wait to close on the house, build a coop up there, and
get our 15 chickens and Lips moved in.  (Rambo will be going to live with Richard's
niece and nephew.  They don't know it yet.  They may get a few chickens too, and
maybe a pair of turkeys.)
Anyway, now that I will be working, there won't be time to keep up the website.  I'm
sure we will still have adventures, but I'll be too busy adventuring in my spare time to
put the stories online.  I'll probably do a few more pages, then shut her down.  So,
this is your last time to read through them all again...
from the begining