7/22/05 to 7/26/05
On Friday, 7-22, we took our last pictures of Evan. We got to see him take
his first bottle.  Lauren has been breastfeeding, but she had used a pump so
that Adam could get to feed Evan.  Evan was very confused at first,
wondering when daddy had grown boobies, but it didn't take him long to
catch on.  (Or latch on for that matter.)
Saturday morning we loaded up the new bike with no problem and headed east.
 We drove as far as Elko, and made our first ever Wal-Mart stop.  We went in
and asked permission like good little kids, and the manager told us it was fine,
as long as we parked in yellow spots, not white.  The white were for the
employees, and they get there early in the morning, and need to have places to
park.  So, we complied, but there was already one RV in the lot that was whom
had asked permission obviously, because they were all in white spots, making
us look like the odd man out.  Most of them had parked crosswise in the white
spots that circled the perimeter of the parking lot, only one space deep, so they
were taking three or four spaces each.  We only took two yellow spaces,
because we had parked in two spots facing each other.  Anyway, the RV
closest to the main door of the Wal-Mart looked blocked in.  He had pulled
across 4 of the white spots, and there was an employee in the spot in front of
him, and one in the spot behind him.  That's what he gets for not asking
permission I guess.  Feeling smug that we weren't trapped in by cranky
Wal-Mart employees, we headed out and drove into Utah.  We got out and
walked around on the salt flats.  Crunchy.
That's right, it's not snow, that is all salt.
We stayed Sunday night, 7-24, on Antelope Island out in the Great Salt Lake.  
It was a State Park, without any hook-ups (2nd night in a row!)  We got set
up and headed out in the lake.  First we had to taste it of course.
Then we couldn't help but float in it.  I don't think I could have submerged if I
more like 4 feet.  I am floating high out of the water, on my back, with my
head up.  You all remember swimming lessons where in order to float on your
back you have to have your head tilted way back.  Not here.  We were floating
around in a sitting position, on our stomachs, sitting on top of each other,
however we wanted, there was no way to sink.  It was a lot of fun.
Monday we got up and headed northeast past Bear Lake and up into the
Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Around dusk, we pulled into a National
Forest Campground for the night.  (No hook-ups, 3rd night.)  We walked their
trails and looked at beaver dams and went to bed.

Tuesday, 7- 26, we headed out in the morning, thinking we would get to
Jackson or farther, towards Yellowstone.  However, we were driving past the
Snake River and just couldn't resist, so we pulled into East Table campground,
on the river (National Park Service campground, no hook-ups, 4th night) and
got our toys out.  We took the bike down, drove the truck 10 miles down
river, rode the bike back up, carried the SOAR down to the river, and took
off.  About 10 minutes into our ride downstream, after just two rapids, we
decided that we definitely needed to pull over and pull off the bale-hole covers
that we had never before needed to remove.  (The SOARs we used in Costa
Rica had them removed, and it was necessary there, but we've been on such
calm, boring rivers in our boat, that we've never had much of a
water-over-the-bow problem.)  So, with 4 inches of water in the bottom of our
boat, we managed to pull to shore and pull of the covers, and head back down
stream.  It was so fun, Richard wanted to run it again the next morning before
checkout.  I told him mornings were too cold to even think about running it
early, but he didn't believe me until he felt the cold the next morning.  (It's
been getting down to about 55 deg. at night, and since we're not hooked up to
electricity, I can't run the space heaters, and since our fridge is now running on
propane since we're not hooked up to electric, I don't want to use our propane
heater for fear of running out of propane, so we did the only thing we could,
put the down comforter on the bed, and hate getting out in the morning.)