Okay, so a lot has happened in the last week.  We had paid for a week at an
RV park in town.  It was one of the cheapest we could find, and still was
$151.20 or so per week, so we called up our good buddies Ken and Shannon
who we had met on our cruise, and on Tuesday when our week was up, we
headed to their house to park in their field.  They live 40 miles north of
Adam, nestled in a valley in the middle of sand and sagebrush.  It was
awesome being out of the city.  And they have horses, so Chelsea was happy.
On Thursday, we dropped Chelsea off at Adam and Lauren's and we headed
to Lake Tahoe to go camping with my friend Julie from CMSU, and her
girlfriend Kari.  We blew up the boat and went for a ride.  It doesn't go so fast
with four people in it, but Captain Richard was happy.
Julie picked the only campsite with a lake view, it was beautiful.
Friday we headed back to Reno to collect Chelsea, but she didn't want
collecting so we went on home, and drove back to Reno Saturday to get
her.  Sunday morning she and Shannon went on a horse ride, then we all
went to Frenchman's lake and out on Ken and Shannon's boat.  When I say
all, I mean all.  Ken, Shannon, Chelsea, Richard and I, plus their three black
labs:  Bristol, Chuck and Blazer.
We had a great time, Richard and Ken showed off how well they could water
ski, while Shannon and I tried to hold back the three crazy dogs.  (Walking
on water?  Well he would like you to think so, but no.  Richard is just
showing off after his turn at water skiing.)
Then we took Chelsea to Adam's to stay the night AGAIN.  (Okay, so we
know that hanging out with us for a month might be a little much, but it can't
be that bad can it?)  Then we drove BACK to Reno Monday morning to make
sure she got on her plane.  It was about this time that we realized that although
we had moved out of town to save money, we were doing 80 miles round trip
per day, at 8.5 miles a gallon in our beast of a gas guzzling truck, $2.59 per
gallon our here in Nevada, so if we didn't go anywhere but to Adam's and
back, we were averaging $24.38 a day in gas.  That's right, we were in fact
paying more money!!  Our solution?  Move back to town?  No, that's too
easy, we decided since Chelsea was gone, we would simply start taking the
motorcycle back and forth.  This means getting groceries and stuff in a
backpack that I have to wear on the ride home.  That isn't so bad, but it also
means a VERY sore butt, since that little bike is not built for long rides.  
Again, there still remains that simple choice, move back to town, but no, we
we're not going to make it that easy.  So, we decided to go motorcycle
I knew what I wanted, but Richard was having a hard time.  Every time we
went into a dealership, he would ask for things like "a rolling living room" or "a
station wagon motorcycle."  He's been cracking on people who ride big touring
bikes for so long, it was not an easy adjustment for him to make.  Finally, the
dealers and I got him convinced, and we traded in my cute little Savage for an
old 1984 Goldwing.  See my "La-z-boy" back seat?
Now, the only problem is getting our new bike on the rack that Richard
custom-made for the teeny tiny Savage.  He has already cut off all the
special features, and tomorrow morning, when we pull the RV out, (we
moved to town for the night, so now we're squashed right next to another
rig, no room to put the bike on) we'll see if the ramp is long enough to
allow us to load the Goldwing (which is 2.5 inches longer than the RV is
wide, by the way.)  We intend to start driving east tomorrow, towards the
Tetons and Yellowstone Park.  However, we may be stuck in Reno for a
while, if we can't get our new toy on the old rack!