07/17/06 to 08/03/06
Lots happening.  From the 17th through the 27th we (well, mostly Richard)
frantically worked on the bunkhouse, trying to get it ready for company.  On
Friday, July 21st, we left at midnight and drove all night to Kansas City to pick up
a bed and sleeper sofa from my mom's so our guests could have a place to
sleep.  We drove 12 hours, stayed 24, and drove back 12 hours.  That wore us
out!  We took Wrangler since Mica wants to kill him.  He loves to travel.  

On Thursday, July 27th, my cousins Jimmy, Laurel, and Derek and my brother
Ben showed up and we invited our neighbor Mike over for a jam session.  We
had put the air conditioners and the toilet in, that was all the farther we got, so we
all sat around in the cold air and some of the more talented of us played.  Here is
Mike on the fiddle, Ben on the ukulele, Richard on the guitar, Laurel on the
stand-up bass, and Jimmy on the mandolin.  
The next morning we loaded up and drove to Johnson City for the family reunion.  We
took Wrangler, the traveling cat.  He loved the ride.  Here he is attacking the keys.
Friday night we all sat around and talked.  
Saturday morning Aunt Sue married Joe in a beautiful tropical ceremony.
After the wedding, we went to the Blanco State Park and played in their shallow,
dried-up, river.  Here is cousin Derek winning the dragon float races--against Ben.
After the reunion wrapped up on Sunday, Ben, Dad, Apollonia, Richard and I went
and climbed Enchanted Rock.  This was the 4th time we climbed it.  
Then we returned to the ranch where Ben and Dad played with the chickens.
The last of our guests vacated the bunkhouse on Tuesday morning, and we relaxed
all day.  Now its back to watching kittens grow and working on the bunkhouse.  
They opened their eyes about a week ago, and outgrew the laundry basket, so now
the living room is covered in newspaper.