07/10/06 to 07/16/06
Monday we made the trip to Ballinger to pick up our roofing for the bunkhouse.  
With that and a stop at the hardware store, it made it an all day adventure.  
Tuesday we worked on the bunkhouse.  It was HOT.  We tried to cool off with
some watermelon (store-bought--our garden has lots of blossoms, but something
is eating the pea-sized watermelons before they can grow) but it wasn't very
good, so we let the chickens dig in.
Tuesday night Mica (the stray cat that comes every night) was acting very funny.  
She was all restless and begging for attention.  I figured she was about ready to
have her kitties, so I let her in the house.  At 2:30 she woke me up meowing, so I
let her out.  When we got up on Wednesday, she was waiting at the door, MUCH
skinnier.  We fed and watered her, and after hours of watching her, she finally led
us back to her babies.  She had them far under the brush so we couldn't get to
them, right where the chickens run around all morning.  CRAZY!  I didn't want to
leave; I wanted to cut brush and get my hands on those kitties, but I had to go all
the way to Abilene for my post office drug test.  Yes, I passed.  One step closer to
being a mail delivery girl!  While I was there I went shopping, and by the time I got
home is was over 100 degrees.  Poor Mica.  She was laying by the front door,
panting so hard I thought she would pass out.  I went to check on her babies and
could only see one.  Richard cut brush back while I made a clothes basket ready,
and crawled in and got the one kitten.  We were not able to see how many she
had that morning, cause she was in there with them, but we heard more than one,
and the one we had seen was white and orange, but the one I pulled out was grey
stripped.  I thought she was probably in the process of moving them, and maybe
that was what had added to her panting problem, but after the 4 hours in the A/C
that it took to get her to quit panting, she still wouldn't lead me to any more
babies.  We left her alone, we followed her, everything we could do, no babies.  I
finally had myself convinced that either she had only had one to begin with, or the
chickens or a snake had eaten the others.  It finally cooled down around 10:30
Wednesday night, so I put her and one kitten and her basket back outside.  
Thursday morning, we woke up to find 3 kittens in the basked with Mica.  I figured
she must appreciate the A/C since she brought 2 kitties to the basket rather than
take the one kitty to wherever her hiding place was.  Here they are, one day old.
We brought them in around 10:30.  I thought we would wait until a little later, but
Mica started panting at 10:30, so that was our sign.  How does a stray cat get so
spoiled so fast?  Here they are about 4 hours older than in the last picture, and
now in the cool house.  
Thursday, Friday and Saturday we worked on the bunkhouse.  Of course, I always
think of errands to run so I don't have to do to much work.  It has been my job to
prime everything, and I hate painting, but I was getting it done.  Our neighbors were
gone a few nights last week, so we put their chickens to bed twice and fed their
dog once.  For that little bit of work, they insisted on coming over and helping paint
this morning (Sunday.) so my job is done now!  We still think we might be done
when our company comes in a week and a half (especially if our neighbors need us
to feed the dog again!)  (Until then, you see my washer and dryer are still outside!)
The bunkhouse has another purpose now-a-days.  Since mama Mica wants to kill
Wrangler, he hangs out in the bunkhouse all day.  Richard says he has already
learned more about wiring and plumbing than I have.  Good for him.  He still
sleeps in the chicken coop at night, so he is safe there too.  Mica and her brood
have been staying in the house day and night now.  Last night she woke me up at
3:30AM moving her babies, the grey stripped one first this time.  They are loud
when they are being moved at 3:30 in the morning, and she had decided to move
them right next to my side of the bed.  I know I should have let her move the other
two, but I don't have much patience for high squeaky meows that early in the
morning, so I moved the other two and the basket for her.  She didn't seem to
mind.  Here they are today, they are bigger, but it's not so easy to tell from the
picture.  They are 4 days old today.  Anyone need a cat?