07/03/06 to 07/09/06
Monday morning, after dumping it for a week, we finally started saving our goat
milk again.  Other than that, the day looked like it was going to provide little
excitement.  I cleaned the chicken coop and gave the goats a bath, while Richard
worked on the bunk house.  Then, the sky darkened to the west, and I looked over
and saw this:
At first I thought the guy across the road was plowing his field, and making a dust
cloud.  Richard quickly pointed out that it was a funnel cloud.  It looked so clear
against the dark sky, but by the time I got in the house and got the camera, it was
back to looking like just dust being stirred up by a tractor.  We know it wasn't cause
it kept going Northeast, behind our barn which is our neighbors pasture--which
would not be stirring up dust.  We get these funny gusts of wind every now and then,
and I guess this was just a visible one.  Kinda scary.  Here are more pics, but
they're not that good.
Then Mike and Marsha invited us over for homemade ice cream.  Yum.  It inspired
me, so on the 4th of July, I made goat ice cream, and goat cheese.  Surprisingly,
both turned out, and tasted pretty good too.  I also put a bottle each of our cranberry,
blackberry and reisling wines in the fridge, and invited Mike and Marsha over to be
our guinea pigs and help us sample the wines.  We sat outside, watched the
neighbors' fireworks displays, and enjoyed the wines.  I was pretty disappointed that
the cranberry has turned cloudy since we bottled it, but it still tasted good.  Hopefully
it was just the one bottle that clouded up.

Wednesday, July 5th, I went to Brownwood for MORE building supplies.  While
there, I got a call to go interview in Austin, so Thursday I drove all the way to Austin,
stopping at the hardware store in Fredericksburg on my way home.  Feels like that's
all I do these days.

Since we're coming right along on this bunk house, we need some furniture.  So,
Friday morning I headed into Brady with the truck to see what I could find at garage
sales.  I didn't get anything for the bunkhouse, but I found this cute hat that I thought
would look great on Lips.  She disagreed, but Rambo's horns made the hat a
perfect fit for him.  (They later ate the hat.)
So, here is what Richard has been doing for the last two weeks.  It's coming right
along.  We go pick up the metal roofing tomorrow.  I've got guests coming July
26th, so we've got two and a half weeks to get done...
(No, it's not quite the same caliber as the fabulous outhouse--but you'll be able to
crap in this one too.)