06/28/06 to 07/02/06
We knew we had a chance of finding Sheeba dead Wednesday morning, but it
didn't make it any easier to deal with.  Stupid worthless vet.  We still don't know for
sure what killed her, but we have books now and are better prepared to deal with
our other two goats.  We always thought goats were rugged little things that would
eat anything.  Not so.  There are plenty of goat illnesses, and once they get one,
it's only a few days before they're dead.  We buried her down in the field and were
sad all day.
We were worried Lips would be sad too, so we tried letting her and Rambo out
together.  Rambo the little horn dog--oh, I never went into all that did I?  See, billy
goats are nasty.  Before we got these, Richard had read how they piss on their
heads and stuff when the girls are in heat.  He told me, but I didn't believe him.  
How can a goat piss on his own head?  Well, Rambo showed me, several times,
last week.  This next one is really gross--don't read it if you're queezy--he even
drinks it!  We think Lips was in heat, and so he was acting up, big time.  We put a
second fence between them and he quit being so nasty, but who knows if it was
because of the extra space between them, or just cause Lips went out of heat.  
Anyway, without Sheeba around we didn't have to worry about her getting
pregnant to soon, so we let Lips and Rambo be together.  We figured we had
missed her heat cycle, but he chased her around the pen trying to mount her for
about 5 minutes before we separated them again.  If they are worn down cause of
worms or whatever, I did not want him wearing her out by chasing her all day.

Wednesday night when the night cat came (we've named her Mica, short for
Midnight Cat,) her and Wrangler met.  It wasn't pretty, but not as bad as it could
have been.
Thursday morning, before we went to milk, I checked in on the Lark Sparrows.  One
flew away when I got there, and the other posed for just a short while so I could take
a picture, then flew away.  They're just 10 days old.
I had to run back up to the house to get the syringe to give the other two goats the
stupid medicine that the worthless vet recommended, and I saw our smallest
chicken--Whitey--up on top of the one wall that Richard had raised for the
bunkhouse.  That wall is 9 feet off the ground.  How did she get up there?
After milking and medicating our goats, we tried again letting them out together.  
This time we put a chain on Rambo, so Lips could get away.  It worked, but Rambo
kept running and damn near killing himself on the end of the chain, so I let him off the
leash and he behaved.  After walking down after lunch to check on them, I stopped
by to see the pyrrholuxia babies.  
I guess Jenny had liked Whitey's stunt on top of the wall, so she decided she would
sleep on top of the door rather than go in and roost with the rest of the chickens.  
Friday morning, 6-30, we loaded up and drove to Fredericksburg for more lumber.  
On the way we listened to Tradio, where people call in and say what they're selling.  
There was a garage sale on our way, so we stopped and I found a kitchen sink with
faucet for 5 bucks and a bathroom sink with faucet for 5 bucks.  What a find!  Then
we bought more lumber and insulation than we could fit in the truck, so I had to put
the bathroom sink on the passenger seat floorboard and the cooler (we live so far
out, we always take a cooler in case we get groceries) between us, so I was pretty
crowded on the way home, with my feet in the sink.  Even thought we were totally
loaded down, that didn't stop us from checking in on another thing that I had been
advertised that morning on Tradio--baby turkeys.  Long story, but the lady that sold
us the goats also had chickens and one turkey.  It was a pretty turkey and hung out
with the chickens and stuff, so when a guy a week ago advertised turkeys, we
called, but he had already sold them.  This week we got there in time to buy two (he
said they were a boy and girl, but who can tell) baby turkeys.  We got home and
thought we should quarantine them, seeing as how we don't want any more deaths
around here, so we locked them in the garden.  Then Mike came over to have
some beers and see our building and we told him about the turkeys.  Well, the sink
was still in the truck and all, so we all jumped in my car to drive down and check out
the new additions.  Of course the little turds were eating the garden.  Their favorite
was the watermelon and they were tearing it up and making their funny little noises.
Mike gave his expert opinion that they didn't need to be quarantined (I think he was
just worried that we wouldn't have any watermelon to give him.)  So I said since we
were in my car that the boys would each have to hold a turkey.  Mike quickly
changed his mind about them needing quarantined, but I was already catching
turkeys (they are a lot slower and dumber than chickens--much easier to catch) so
like a trooper, Mike put his beer in his shirt pocket and held a turkey.  I got the
second one caught, but Richard said his hands were full, and other lies, so I had to
hold a turkey while I drove, shifted, and listened to Mike complaining about how we
were making our guest hold a turkey.  (I like to believe that he already had that sense
of humor before Richard moved in next door to him.  Would be a shame if Richard
was rubbing off on people.)  Rounding the bend up the hill to the house we saw
Marsha walking up, so we stopped and let her in.  You should have seen her face
when she got in the back seat next to her husband and saw that he was holding a
turkey.  The chickens didn't seem to interested in the turkeys, and it was near
bedtime anyway, so we wrangled the chickens into the pen, and put them all to bed.

Saturday morning we got up early to make sure the chickens didn't beat up on the
turkeys.  They all did fine, but the stupid turkeys cannot figure out the drinkers.  We
show them, they watch the chickens, everything, but they won't even try.  Man these
turkeys are dumb!

Saturday night we went down early to water the garden before we milked the goats.  
I had started watering the tomatoes and was letting the hose just run onto them so I
was walking around in there, and had the feeling something was watching me.  I
looked around several times, before I saw the little rattlesnake coiled up under the
'maters.  Good thing we didn't leave the turkeys in there.  They're dumb enough to
just stand there and get eaten.  Right after we took care of the snake, the wind
picked up really bad.  There were dark grey clouds everywhere and the wind was
scary, so we milked early so we wouldn't have to milk in the rain.  We really didn't
need to though, since it NEVER rains here.  Right after we got all the windows
closed and everything, the clouds passed over us and started raining West of us.  All
we were left with was dry ground and a beautiful sunset.
This morning Mica showed up.  We're gonna have to change her name if she starts
coming around in the morning too.  Anyway, we were outside petting Mica when we
saw the craziest thing.  Half of you won't believe me, but I swear it's true.  Jane, our
most mature rooster, (Jay as Richard likes to call him) was walking around with the
turkeys, and all of the sudden he grabbed one of them by the back of the neck, just
like he does with the chickens, and proceeded to "do" the turkey.  All the hens
always fight him the whole time when he tries with them too, since they are just not
quite ready yet.  This poor turkey fought the same way, and Jane held on and
finished, same way he does with the hens.  We just sat there and watched with our
mouths hanging open.  CRAZY!  We're just wondering if he will still do that as they
get older and bigger.  Can you imagine?  After their romantic encounter, they
wandered out into the yard to eat our watermelons.  We had two 'volunteer'
watermelons come up in the front yard from us spitting watermelon seeds one day.  
The chickens have been leaving them alone, and they even had blossoms on them.  
The turkeys have them all torn up, and now the chickens are munching on them too.  
Not only are these turkeys dumb, but they're a bad influence.  We've named the Jack
and Jill, but we might have to change it to dumb and dumber.
Tonight Brady Lake is having fireworks.  We're gonna set out the chairs and see
how many we can see over the Brady Mountains.
Poor torn-up
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