05/29/06 to 06/05/06
Our Memorial Day was pretty sad.  We woke up to find one of our chickens dead.
 It was Angel, one of our Arucanas.  She was just laying there.  Of course, it was
the first morning after we put a kitten in the coop, so we had all kinds of theories,
but the chicken didn't have a scratch on her.  What made it even worse was that
the kitten was messed up too.  He had a huge bump above his eye.  As the day
went on, the entire right side of his face swelled up.  Poor baby!
After all the chicken-kitten scenarios that we could come up with, none of the
wounds seemed consistent with any of those theories, so we decided the chicken
crashed into the roost and died of internal bleeding, and the cat got stung by
something.  Originally we thought rattlesnake, but since the cat got better the next
day, and didn't die, and we couldn't figure out how the snake would have gotten
into the coop, we figure it was a wasp or bee.  Poor kitten!

Of course, I felt bad for him, and was worried 'cause, you know, he looked like he
had a softball in his cute little cheek, so I put him in a box and let him sleep in the
house.  This is NOT supposed to be a house cat.  But now, I've spent the rest of the
week telling the poor thing he's not allowed in, while he is howling on the top step.  

Tuesday we took down some of the roost to prevent more chicken crashes, and
we rearranged their water system again.  We had raised the tall end of the pipe, to
accommodate the growing girls, so now the big ones were breaking their necks
trying to drink out of the short end, and the miniature chicks were jumping to try to
reach the tall end.  No one ever said chickens were smart.  So we cut it in two, and
stacked them.  Now everyone uses the appropriate drinker.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Richard sprayed mesquite while I wore out the
computer looking for a job and the cat lost his voice meowing on the top step.  He
needs lots of entertainment.  Here me and the girls are playing with him.  Okay,
well maybe it's just me, the girls kinda ignore him.
I've still been hunting bird nests.  I told before how the mockingbird nest we found
was emptied, most likely by a snake, right?  Well, we found another, and it was also
emptied.  I thought we might never get any babies, but then Richard found this nest
while he was spraying mesquite.  Look close, there are three of them there.  One is
a little older than the rest.  This picture was taken on Tuesday.  I checked them
again on Wednesday and the older one flew away as I approached.  I checked
again on Thursday and they were all gone.  I don't think these are mockingbirds, but
I have no clue what they are.  The nest isn't the right type of nest for mockingbirds.
I also saw some cool bugs when I was nest hunting, and took their pictures.  
When I got them on the computer I noticed they have 8 legs!!  Isn't this the
scariest looking spider you've ever seen?  I'm not even sure it is a spider, so I
submitted it to a spider website that I check now and then whenever I find a scary
spider.  He didn't know either.  Maybe I discovered a new spider.  Maybe I can
name it.  Let's call him George.  
Nope, results are in, and it's a red velvet mite.  Poor George.  
Friday morning, I was searching the internet for a job and heard a lot of clucking.  
The girls had found a turtle and were following the poor thing.  They finally lost
interest and let him/her get on his/her way.  
One thing I forgot to mention last time was that the first morning we were back
from our trip, up very early getting ready to go back to Houston to get the Sammie,
we heard a funny noise.  I thought maybe it was one of the neighbor's lambs,
wounded.  It was like, "ehhhhh, eehhhh."  The second time I heard it, Richard and I
looked at each other, and I still didn't know what it was, but Richard did.  We had a
crower.  Anyway, Tuesday morning I watched them, and decided it was Jane.  I
have long suspected Jane was one of our roosters, and this was proof.  But, I still
haven't been able to change her--I mean his--name.  Saturday I got a good video
of her crowing.  Even more entertaining is what I say.  Notice I still don't have her
gender right--or his.  (The video is through the screen, and the crow isn't very
good.  She is still working on it...)
Then we went to town and sold our motorcycle.  Over Memorial Day Weekend,
Richard had loaned it to the guy who totalled his (not his fault), after having so
much fun riding it all weekend, he had to have it.  We made a deal over free
breakfast at the hardware store, then went to look at a horse trailer we couldn't
afford (that was a deal only on the motorcycle, no cash yet) then back to the
hardware store for free lunch.  Hey, it was some big doins to try to sell
lawnmowers, we gotta eat don't we?  
Sunday we went to watch our neighbor, Mike, plant cotton.  Then we went home
and put our crop in.  (Okay, so it was just a handful of seed that had fallen out of
the bags in the bottom of Mike's truck.)  Yup, we're cotton farmers.
Sunday we started cleaning up the pens behind the barn, just in case we ever get
this cow we keep talking about.  Then I went over and helped Marsha open their
pool for the summer.  
Today I drove to San Angelo and put in applications.  Damn it's a long drive.  
Seventy miles one way!!  It was 104 degrees today!  When I got home the chickens
were panting again.  I took new video of Lorraine, so for those of you who couldn't
check the last video, here is another one.  I hope this one works!
Just one
bird this