05/13/06 to 05/15/06
Our camping adventure started at 2:30 AM Saturday morning.  We got up, got
ready, and headed to the airport.  The airport?  Yes, the airport.  See, a long time
ago, Richard had a Suzuki Samurai.  He had to sell it and has been whining about
it ever since, especially now that we have land that he thinks he needs to drive
around on.  So I had been watching for them on Ebay, and on his birthday, an
auction for one was ending, and it was ending really cheap.  Now, first let me say
that we had found one in San Angelo, a mere hour away, and decided we didn't
really need one.  Now there was one in Rhode Island, and that sounded like an
adventure, so we had to have it.  We bid, and won.  Happy Birthday Richard!

So, we got to the San Angelo airport for our 6:30 AM flight, checked in our tent,
sleeping bag, cooler, etc. and headed to Houston, then Newark, and finally
Providence.  We saw the New York skyline from the Newark airport, and even
better from the plane as we took off, but I had the camera checked away safely in
the cooler.  

Our Ebay seller, Bryan, picked us up at the airport.  We were going to just make
the deal and run, but we had so much fun talking to him.  He has so many toys, and
we're lucky we got out of there with just the Samurai.  Here he and Richard are
admiring Bryan's antique tractors.
It was raining pretty heavy (everywhere we go it does this, why not at home?) so we
went out to dinner with Bryan, then headed to Branford, CT to stay with Richard's
cousin (well not really his cousin, his 1st cousin once removed or his 2nd cousin,
something like that) Frazier and his wife Helen in their beautiful home on Long
Island Sound.  Even though it was pouring rain the whole way there, we stayed dry,
which is more than we expected from an 18 year old convertible.  We arrived late
and went to bed.  When we woke up Sunday morning,  this was the view from our
bedroom door.  WOW!
We went upstairs and ate breakfast with an even more amazing view from their
second floor.  Frazier and Helen's bedroom is on the third floor, and they can see
forever from up there.
After catching up on old times, we headed out to the Thimble Islands.  Beautiful,
expensive houses build on rocks.  It was still cold and drizzly.  Why does this always
happen when we vacation?
After the island tour, we headed to Yale.  That's right, now I can say I went to Yale.  
We didn't even get out, just drove around the campus looking for a sign that said,
"Yale" so we could take a picture.  We didn't find one, and headed back to Helen
and Frazier's for the night.  Early Monday morning we got up and headed North
through Connecticut on scenic highway 7.  Everything was gorgeous.  It seems like
everyone has a creek, stream, or brook running through their backyard.  We even
went over a covered bridge.  (Yup, that's the new baby, ain't she something?)
We went through the Southwest corner of Massachusetts, then into New York.
(The new baby again, sorry folks, but I think she will be in a lot of the pictures
for at least next few days.)
We spent the majority of the day crossing New York on the boring New York Toll
Road.  I even drove.  It's not the worst thing I've ever driven.
We finally got off the highway and went North at Rochester and then West again
along Lake Ontario.  The plan was to camp, and even thought it was raining, and I
had found coupons for a $27.00 a night motel room right by Niagra Falls, we went
ahead pitched our tent at Four-Mile Creek State Park.  That's right, in the rain!
The campground is right on Lake Ontario (You can see it in the background in the
photo above.) so after we got set up, we walked down to the lake.  There was a
group of the cutest little goslings, I just new my chickens would want one for a pet.  I
headed out after them, but didn't catch one.  
Since it's not bedtime, and it's too wet to do anything outside, and the wildlife didn't
want to play, we climbed into the tent, and I started working on this web page.  The
computer battery didn't hold out though, so now I'm sitting in the heated women's
bathroom, typing away.  Lord knows what Richard is doing, probably petting his
new baby...  Tomorrow, Niagra Falls--in the rain--with a wet tent in the back of the

(Oh yeah, to afford all this, we've been trying to sell the motorcycle.  Right after we
started trying to sell, the only other guy in central TX with an '84 Goldwing got hit on
his bike, and totalled it, so he might buy ours.  He had been trying to help us find a
buyer, now it might be him.  I don't think I want to call that awful coincidence "luck,"
but it would sure work out well for us if he does buy it.  But, if he doesn't, it's for sale.  
Anyone, anyone?  Gotta pay that Master Card...)
*No Rancho Cielo bird or flower
pictures this time, for obvious reasons...