05/07/07 to 05/25/07
Richard drove through the night and arrived mid-day on Monday.  It was still
raining, and water was still coming in the basement, so he got all our stuff up off
the floor onto boards.  He also checked out all my good demolition work, and
started painting stuff.  Yay!!  Here are the pictures that he took while in Texas.  
Our cabin (this was the first I've seen since it was painted) and the "chihuahuas"
as we now call them.  
They just get cuter and cuter from there.  So obviously, they are grey "chihuahuas."  
I've checked into it, and owning grey "chihuahuas" is not illegal, but you do need a
permit.  I've printed out the form for the permit, but two things are making us wait.  
First of all, if they deny our permit, they come get our babies.  Second, all permits
expire June 30th.  How silly to pay $50 for a permit that would only be good for a
month and a half.  So, we will dutifully apply for our permit on July first and see what
happens.  Either that or we will call up the good old Kansas City Zoo and see if
Batman and Robin need company.
Life since Richard came back has been all about putting the house back together,
and playing with "chihuahuas."  We've named them Zorra and Red, but they usually
get called "Little Girl" and "Little Boy."  The best part is that they are (mostly)
litter-box trained!  So, here's all the cute pictures in date order.  You can see their
little ears getting taller and their noses getting pointier.  
5-8 Although the
"Chihuahua" could
care less, Sam is
having a great time

Okay, stalk, wait,
stalk, get ready,
Turn around...
Okay, stalk, wait,
stalk, get ready,
stalk, wait, stalk...
5-19  Sitting on
Richard's lap.  
5-24  By now,
Little Girl has
made it very
clear she is a
daddy's girl.
While Richard was in Texas, we hatched out 5 more chicks.  The older batch is
getting big - well everyone except the Seramas.)  Remember the size difference
between Flower and Hatch when they were born?  Here they are now:
Here's our group of 4:  Mo (short for Mohawk, she is Leroy's kid but didn't get
100% Polish genes, so she has a mohawk instead of a full topknot like Leroy,)
Flower, Hatch and Wobble.
Here's the first rented batch that was returned:  Mr. Tex a.k.a. Banana, Sparkle,
Tiger and Lily.
The two that Karen returned were roosting in the rafters, so I couldn't get their
picture.  She named them Chester and Theodore.  Our smaller batch clumps up at
night, so I couldn't get a good picture of them either.  We are running out of names.  
Two of the five are named, skunk and biter.  Maybe we need to rent out the other
three to get them named??
5-8, Getting a bottle.  They put their little
paws up on the bottle, so cute.  Think the
"Got Milk" people want a photo of a
"chihuahua" milk mustache?
5-8  Before they
were quite so
That's right, the one
on my shoulder just
peed on me.  
5-8 Playing in the
5-8  Meeting the
"Farmily."  Ever hear the
expression about a fox
in the hen house?  What
are we going to do?
5-24 Relaxed and
cuddled up to take a
nap  while Richard
watches TV.
Now this is
5-24 Little Boy and I
were getting jealous of
Little Girl and Richard,
so he decided he would
cuddle up on my
shoulder.  So there!
5-25 Practicing on a stuffed goat
for when they get to go outside and
romp with the real thing.  Uh oh.  
No,no little "chihuahua,"  Play nice!
5-25  All tucked in for
the night.  (In my bed!)