05/07/06 to 05/12/06
Sunday night we had another of the crazy lightning storms.  Back home we had
one when I was a kid, my dad called it an electric storm.  No thunder or hope for
rain, just lightning.  Here they warn that it is "cloud to ground lightning," and
recommend that you do not go outside or use electrical appliances, etc.  Well,
the storms are so cool, so I went out and took a video of the show.
Monday I noticed that the mocking birds were acting funny, and I thought it meant
the eggs were about to hatch.  I checked them in the morning, again at 5:00 when
we got back from running errands, and I even went out at 11:30 PM to check on
them.  They were GONE!  I'm still sad about it.  I guess it was another snake cause
there were no egg shells anywhere.  The birds haven't been back.  They are
building a new nest to the north.  I'll have to take better care of this new one.
Tuesday night we had John and Glorya (septic guy and his fiancée over to watch
the sunset and eat mesquite-grilled hamburgers.  (We still have enough mesquite
to grill a few elephants.)  Wednesday we had Mike and Marsha over for beer and
cake and the sunset.  Thursday and Friday we packed up for our camping trip.  I
was doing our laundry on Friday, and I found this in the washing machine, under the
clean clothes.  Why does it always have to be things that give me the
We're not taking the RV, just a tent, and we hit the road Saturday.  Excitement!  
We've convinced Mike and Marsha to check on the chickens while we're gone.  
In between all that, I've been taking pictures of flowers and birds, and watering the
garden.  Richard has been spraying weeds and burning brush.  Vacation tomorrow!