4/17/06 to 4/22/06
Not a whole lot of excitement going on around here.  

We got another cotton wagon from our neighbor on Monday, and started working
on taking the sides off of it to add to the garden fence we had already made out of
the other sides.  We have 3 sides up now, but Richard's regulator broke, so he
can't cut or weld the final side.  We went ahead and planted lettuce, carrots and
cucumber seeds, but didn't plant the tomato or green pepper plants, since there
isn't that 4th magical wall to keep the deer out yet.

We have been getting a septic tank installed, so now we can give the poor badger
his hole back, but I doubt he wants it now.  The installer came to dig test holes on
Thursday while Richard, Laurel, Jimmy and I were in Fredericksburg, and when
we were sitting around Tuesday afternoon eating lunch, he casually mentioned
that he had seen a bobcat when he was here on Thursday.  I wanted to see a
bobcat!  We had also been trying to catch a pack rat that lives in our barn.  We've
seen her several times.  She has two babies that hang on to her underside as she
runs away.  She is the size of a rat, but cute like a mouse.  I have only one picture
of her, and it is of her butt as she fled through a hole.  But what I do have is a
picture of her den.  We found her behind a bunch of plywood that was leaning up
against the wall in the barn.  We had set 8 mouse traps a couple of months ago,
we found 5.  There were tin cans, strings, turds, cotton seeds, corn, mesquite
bean pods, and even dead mice!!  Richard had fished 3 drowned mice out of a 5
gallon bucket of water a few weeks ago, and just set them to the side of it while
they dried off.  They were gone when he went back.  She had them in her nest!!  
Unbelievable, CRAZY!!
So since I wanted to see the pack rat and maybe domesticate a baby, and since I
wanted to see a bobcat (we had seen prints down by the dry pond when we were
trying to find Myrtle's eggs {we still didn't find any} so we were pretty sure the septic
guy wasn't all talk.) we borrowed a trap from the neighbor on Wednesday and set it
with a half a hot dog in the barn, right above momma pack rat's nest.  
As we were setting it, dreaming of pack rats and bobcats, I asked Richard what
would happen if we trapped a skunk.  Neither one of us had an answer for that one.
 Well, not a real answer anyway.  Richard said if we did catch a skunk, we would
just return the trap to the neighbor, cargo included.  
Thursday morning we went down to see if we had caught anything good for
Richard's birthday.  I saw right away we had something, but couldn't make out what
it was.  Surprise.  A boring old possum.  Stupid possum.
After releasing Richard's birthday pet, we drove to Brady where they were having
cake and ice cream and balloons on the square for Richard's birthday.  They even
had cops to keep an eye on him, kinda like body guards you know, since he is
such a celebrity.  
Okay, so it was really a birthday party for the city of Brady.  They turned 100 same
day as Richard.  Uh, I mean, same day as his birthday.  AND, they didn't serve the
cake and ice cream on time, so we left with just a couple of balloons.  But, the
birthday celebration got better when we got to Mike and Marsha's house for
desert, two cakes, since we had to put on 61 candles.  (We settled for 6 on one
cake, 1 on the other.)
Friday we ran errands and got some of the wine ready to bottle.  Today we bottled
8 gallons of Riesling wine (40 bottles!!.) and got the 5 gallons of Cranberry and
the 5 gallons of Blackberry ready to bottle tomorrow.  Then we will have to wait to
bottle the Merlot until we get more corks.  We had to go ahead and start bottling
because the cactus are starting to bloom and Richard has a recipe for cactus
blossom wine.