04/14/08 -04/29/08
Sad news and happy news in this one...

When I was writing our last blog, I was worried about Gracie.  She was getting
thin and I suspected she had quit eating.  (We have one of those big gravity-flow
feeders, so it was hard to tell for sure, but we hadn't seen her eat in a while.)  We
had decided Friday evening to take her to the vet Monday, but Sunday night as I
was petting her I felt huge swollen glands, everywhere.  So, long sad story short,
the vet said she had Canine Lymphoma.  He said she had 5 months max, but
only sent us home with enough pills for 10 days!  We had ups and downs.  She
started eating, but then quit again.  We took her to another vet for a second
opinion on Friday, and on Saturday she died.  That was 4-19.    

I had told the Basset Rescue lady about Gracie being sick because I knew how
much she loved Gracie, and when she heard, she offered another dog.  I didn't
suspect I would find one, since she usually has only bassets (Gracie was a
beagle/basset mix.) but I checked her website anyway.  Yup, all bassets.  But
while I was looking, I might as well check local shelters right?  Oh my.  It took us 5
weeks of looking before we found Gracie, but I found a new dog right away at the
KC pound.  He is a mess!  Of course, no history on him, but it appears he has
never been potty trained, and has been kicked around by people---a lot.  He also
has separation anxiety.  He is coming around, but the first few days he would
always be close, but just out of reach.  He lets me pet him now, and sometimes
will even roll over for a belly rub.  We named him Elwood, Woody for short.  He
was super thin when we got him, you could see every rib!  You can see below,
the first picture was taken the second night we had him, the next one is about 5
days later, and probably 5 lbs heavier.  He looks a lot better!!  Such a cutie!
And, finally tonight Windy had her babies.  Right on time, she was due tomorrow.  
She has such tiny babies and has such an easy time.  We had her bred back to a
full-size Nubian, so we were a little worried, but we shouldn't have been.  Of course
I missed it again.  I got home about an hour after they were born.  One black boy,
one brown & white girl.  Names???