Catching up again...
Yes, I know, I said I would do better, and now, more than two months later, I'm doing
my second page of 2008.  We've had a lot going on!!  

So, if you can remember back to the last website entry, we had been searching for
a buck (billy goat for you non-caprine lovers out there) but had somehow wound up
with two does (nanny goats) and a dog...

We still needed a buck, so since I travel all the time for work, we started looking for
bucks in places where I would be visiting.  We ended up finding a buck north of
Atlanta that we wanted.  Sounds pretty normal, but here's where the crazy part
comes in (you knew it was coming didn't you?)  We've got a dog now, see, and we
wanted to take her with us, but she is way too big to fit inside the plane ($150 round
trip!) and she is too fragile to check as luggage ($300 round trip!) and besides, we
were going to buy a goat, so rather than fly the goat back with Richard and I, we
figured Richard could just drive down with Gracie.  Then, of course, since we would
be so close to cousins Jimmy and Laurel in South Carolina, how could we not go
see them too?  

So, Thursday, Feb. 21st, Richard headed out from Kansas City, through the worst
ice storm we had all year, to Cornelia, GA.  It was supposed to take 12 hours, it
took 18!!  Bad weather behind him, Richard got to my hotel at about 1:00AM.  I left
out early to go see customers and let him and Gracie sleep in.  Once I finished my
visits, we headed up to get our goat.  

The place is called "Wildlife Wonders" and in addition to breeding everything mini,
they are also a rescue for exotic animals.  When we pulled up we saw cages with
cheetahs and heard monkeys.  Of course, we were there for a buck goat, so I tried
not to look at anything else.  We went out and met our little man, Whit.  He was
perfect, so we loaded him up in the truck and went into the building to get our
paperwork.  That's when we got in trouble.  

Probably NOT by accident, she took us in through the nursery where there were 4
day old baby goats!!  Oh my goodness, how could I resist.  They were so tiny, they
looked like little rabbits.  I said, oh, we can't take her, we don't have a bottle or
anything.  She said, oh, we'll provide the bottle and enough milk powder for a
week.  Dang it!!  By that time I was already holding her, and just couldn't put her

So, upstairs we go with my new little impulse purchase in my arms to fill out
paperwork.  Upstairs was the sick ward and we saw more cool animals.  Here I am
with our new girl (we named her Georgia Impulse.)  We're checking out the
Then it was off to Jimmy and Laurel's.  After many wrong turns, we finally arrived,
but what do we do now?  The plan had been to leave Whit in the back of the truck
as his little home while we were at the cousins'.  With the truck topper on and a
bed of straw, it was the perfect place for him... but not for him and Georgia!!  

But I didn't have to worry, Jimmy and Laurel were great sports about the whole
thing and invited Georgia to sleep in their sunroom. We put Gracie in with her so
she wouldn't be too lonely.  
What we failed to
consider was that
Gracie has lots of
things for a baby
goat to try to nurse.  
Not only does she
have some large
teats from too many
litters of puppies,
but her ears, nose,
toes,etc all look
yummy to a goat.  
(We didn't make
Gracie sleep with
her the second
Saturday we all relaxed, went on a walk through the woods with Gracie and Whit,
then sat on a hill in the sunshine.  Here is Jimmy showing his tongue like Gracie.
Then it got real weird.  I guess sleeping with goats and going on walks with
goats was too much for Gracie.  She saw Whit grazing and thought she
ought to try it too.  Hard to believe?   
**sorry- link to video removed
03-12-09--trying to make some money on America's Funniest Videos**

Wish us luck!!  
Sunday we headed home.  We had planned to stop along the way, which
would have worked great if we had just bought Whit, as planned.  But with
our new little Georgia, we didn't see how we could stop, so we drove late
into the night.  Gracie still wasn't convinced she wasn't a goat mommy.  
She cuddled with Georgia all the way home.  
Once we got home, everyone was happy.  Our mean goats all got nicer now that
there is a buck around.  The cute little neighbor girl, Lexi, came over to see
Georgia.  Since it was cold and muddy, Richard brought Georgia in the house so
Lexi wouldn't have to go outside.  Guess who gets this bottle?  
You did guess SAM, right??
Then of course, there have been trips to buy baby chicks and we hatched chicks for
Easter rent-a-chick again.  We've even given eggs to a school who is hatching
them for their farm unit.  

In between all the animal fun, we've still been working on the house.  We got the
outside painted, new windows put in, and shutters.  Looks great!  Now if only the
inside could match.  At this point, every bit of furniture except our kitchen table is
moved down to the basement.  Walls and floor are torn out (you can kinda see the
chaos in the picture above.)  Once we moved down to the basement, we realized
the downstairs shower was poorly done, and had leaked so much water into the
walls during the years that they were rotten and moldy, so that got torn out, and we
moved our bathroom back upstairs while Richard deals with this new project.  If I
ever meet the guy who built this house, I think I might shake him!

No promises on the next entry.  Windy is due to kid the first week of May, so I'll have
lots to talk about.  I did start our goat section of the website.  I haven't done too
much, but you can see it at