We finally think we have all the chicks sorted out.  We've even named
them.  Here's what we got:
Rhode Island Reds--brown egg-layers.  
Three hens, one rooster.  
(Since we don't know who
is the rooster, they all get
girl names.)
Anconas--white egg-layers
Black Giants--brown egg-layers
White Rocks--brown egg-layers
Silver Laced Wyandotte--brown egg-layers
Single Comb Brown Leghorns--white egg-layers
Araucanas--blue egg-layers three hens, one
rooster ordered, one FREE rooster included.
 TOO MANY roosters!
These are our Bantam chickens.  They are the minis.  They
do not sell the bantams by sex, so these could all be roosters!
 We're hoping for one bantam rooster, and 6 bantam hens.  
Two of these were free too.
Araucanas--blue egg-layers
Rhode Island Red--brown egg layers
Partridge Rock--brown egg layers
Black-Tailed White
egg-layer.  (If she is a she.)  
She is our smallest.  Cute!!
And finally, Lorraine, our
comes standard in all orders.  I
suspect this is a Golden
Polish.  If she is not a rooster,
she will lay brown eggs.
We ordered two roosters, they threw in one free, and there are 8
chicks that we were not able to specify.  If all 8 of those turn out to be
roosters, we will have way too many, so we may be shipping roosters
out to our friends and family.  Look out!  
Save your egg cartons.