03/27/06 to 03/30/06
After I put my chickies on the website, Richard and I trudged down to the barn to
put gutters on.  We have had this project on the list for a while, but they said it
would rain Monday night, so we decided to bump it to the top.  We worked all day
pulling nails and cutting tin off the barn to fit the gutters on.  I climbed down into
that fiberglass tank (it's 10 feet tall at least) to patch holes.  We worked all day,
and it sprinkled a bit as we were finishing, but not even enough to put a drop in
the new gutters.  We did all that so we could have water down by the barn to
water my garden.  (Which still isn't planted, since we still don't have it fenced in.)

Tuesday, since it hadn't rained, I was able to finish filling in the trench.  Finally!  
Then we went back to the Brownwood Home Depot to buy more coop building
materials.  It rained Tuesday night, and when we went out this
morning-Wednesday, 3-29, to check it, there was an entire foot of water in that
tank.  I'm guessing that's at least 100 gallons.  Can you see the water line
showing through at the bottom?
The bad news is that I went down later this afternoon, and it appears to be
seeping.  None of the holes I patched are leaking, the whole thing is just seeping
through, as if it were sweating.  Dang!  

I have been getting lots of requests to put the barn on the website.  I have not done
it because it is SO ugly.  I figured I couldn't put the back side on here (above)
without showing the front.  So here you go.  I think it looks like a battleship.  We
have plans to make it look better, but that is quite a ways down on the to do list.
Wood Shed
the picture of
my wood pile
that fell over?)
That's the
truck topper
sitting in front
of it.  
Garden spot.
We put the sides
off the cotton
wagon around
the garden, but
they aren't in
place yet.
Ugly Battleship Barn
When we bought it, there was 2 feet of stuff covering the floors of the barn, wall to
wall.  It was a nasty mixture of rodent turds, old grain hulls, straw, feed sacks--at
least 200 empty feed sacks, and miscellaneous junk.  We worked and worked,
and finally got the first two bays clean (hard to see the three doors in the above
photo) and put all the junk in the third bay.  There is still floor crap behind the junk.  
Of course, when I walked down to take the picture, I didn't take the keys, so I
couldn't get into the first two (tools in 1st, wine in 2nd) to take their pictures, so you
get to look at the junky one if you want to see the inside.  The wood on the walls is
really nice.  The only nice thing about the battleship barn.
So I got my chore done, the trench is filled in.  
What about Richard's chicken coop?  Well, it's
starting to shape up.  
While they are waiting for their new home, the chickens have found that piling is
more fun than roosting at night.  Can you believe there are 29 chicks in that heap?
This morning, Thursday 3-30, while Richard is working on the coop and I am
obsessing through Wildflower and Bird books, we have the girls outside in
an old round metal trough with chicken wire on top.  They love it.  However,
we have about 5 mocking birds that live near here, and so we keep hearing
peeping coming from the bushes all around us.  

Same as the bird page, I have started a wildflower page.  In case there was
any confusion, it's the flower link below.  There is also a link to bird page #2.  
You can get to both of them from the home page too.