03/18/07 to 04/06/07
On Sunday, 3-18, we had our friends girls, Madisyn and Kassidy, over to play
with the goats.  Kassidy had a blast.  She danced with Batman and listened as
he whispered sweet nothings in her ear.  
Big baby Clyde was jealous of all the attention, so he demanded that I hold him.  
Kassidy decided that if I could hold Clyde, she could hold Batman!!!  Wow!  Even
with Robin eating her sweatshirt and Clyde standing on her shoulders, she
managed to pick up batman and cuddle him like a teddy bear!!
Unfortunately, Madisyn didn't have nearly as much fun.  I had to rescue her hair
from Clyde several times, and the boys wouldn't stop jumping up.  She quickly
escaped the goat pen.  No goat cuddling for her!
Sunday afternoon I spotted a new bird at Rambler's Roost.  Cedar Waxwings.  At
least 30 of them descended on a tree in the front yard.  How fun!!
The next weekend we hopped in a rented van with my Mom, Step-Dad and brother
and drove up to Wisconsin for Granny Kyra's 90th birthday party.  My Granny had
just sat down to dinner across from one of her great-grand children.  They were
both leaning in, talking to each other.  It was such a fun picture, but when I got all
lined up and pushed the shutter button on my camera, it flew off!!  I've been without
a camera ever since!!  I didn't get a single picture of the event.  Dang!! As the guy
at Best Buy pointed out, that is the most used button.
Tuesday, April 3rd, the zoo came to take away Batman and Robin.  She has
emailed us since to tell us they are doing fine and they love them!  I'm sure they are
getting spoiled.  Of course, this means that Clyde has been in the pen by himself
since Tuesday, bawling, yelling, crying, bellering, bleating, and any other noise he
can make to get himself heard.  The neighbors are going to kick us out for sure.  
I was still without a camera on Thursday, and the eggs were getting ready to
hatch.  I convinced Best Buy to give me a loaner, and came home to wait.  Dang
those chickens!  They keep making me wait.  See, I had this great plan to "rent a
chick" for Easter.  I had people signed up too, at $10.00 a chick for as long as they
want.  (Most people just wanted them for the weekend.)  Anyway, the 21 days were
supposed to be up at noon on Friday.  Thursday night when I got home from work,
one of the eggs had a hole, then another, but when we went to bed there were still
no chicks.  I sleep through everything, but I could not sleep last night.  Every hour I
was up checking on those stupid eggs.  Finally, at 2:45, Big Tex arrived.  This is
one of the Serama (world's smallest chicken) eggs that we got on ebay from
Texas.  Yeah, now we read that they get stressed below 40 degrees.  No wonder
he looks so pissed to be born in Missouri!!
I thought surely the rest would be hatched out by noon on Friday, and Richard could
bring them up to work for people to rent.  Nope.  By the time I got home, there were
just three.  It is 11:37PM and we only have six hatched.  Now, we're not expecting
about 20 of them to hatch.  That is the other batch we got on Ebay, and they must
have been left out in the cold during shipping because I've been candling them and
there is no sign of life, but all the others (about 25) should hatch--NOW!!  I've got
people coming by tomorrow to rent chicks.  They have signed up for 14 chicks
total, and only 6 have hatched.  We've even sung reveille to them and everything.
At least the ones who have hatched are entertaining us while we wait.  They are
worn out from hatching, and they fall asleep at least twice a minute.  This guy fell
over, got tired trying to right himself, and fell asleep.  Awww, how cute!
And of course Sam tries
to help us out by checking
on them constantly.  He
keeps mentioning
something about quality
control, and licking his

Hopefully there will be
more to report before the
weekend is over.