Excitement at The Ranch!!  We were cleaning up around the barn to move my
garden fence into place.  We had a stack of corrugated tin roofing sheets that
we needed to move, and I knew it looked like an ideal spot for rattlesnakes, so I
told Richard to get us each a shovel.  See, for several days after I killed the last
snake, I carried around a shovel
everywhere I went.  However, I didn't encounter
any more snakes, so recently I have been leaving the shovel in the barn.  
Once we were armed and ready, we heaved up the whole pile of tin, and moved
it over about three feet.  I saw the two snakes immediately, but even though I was
yelling, and grabbing for my shovel, Richard didn't see them until I already had
one shoveled in half.  
Richard started in on the other snake, but he played with it before he attacked it,
so the snake sprung at his shovel and got all stretched out, so Richard was able
to get the head off clean.  Then we went through the stack of tin, one at a time
(using the shovels, not our hands) to make sure there weren't any more.  Sure
enough we found one more, and again Richard didn't see it.  I got it pinned with
my shovel, and Richard moved in to dispatch it.  Now I'm back to having the
I didn't have the camera with me again, but since we live here now, it was just a
short drive up the hill to the RV, after a promise from Richard not to play with the
snake heads while I was gone, so I could get a camera to document the event.  
This brings our dead snake total to four.
The guy on the left is cut
twice cause, and
bloodied in another spot
because he is the first
one I got, and he was still
coiled up when I struck.  
Richard took out the one
in the middle.  Then I got
the guy on the end.  I had
him held with my shovel,
but wasn't positioned
right to remove the head,
and I sure as hell wasn't
going to release the
shovel, so I listened to
the snake buzz while I
waited for Richard to use
his shovel.  I guess when
their rattles are this
small, they should be
called buzzsnakes.
Now that I have some picture proof of rattlesnake slaughter, I thought I would give
you a little comparison.  The three we killed tonight were about 18" long.  (They
aren't stretched out because they are still moving.  I tried to stretch them out and
lay them straight, but their headless necks would strike back at me.  I had the
heebeejeebies already, so I quickly gave up!  They say that rattlesnakes don't die
'till the sun goes down.)  
I told you the one I got two weeks ago was 3 to 3.5 feet.  Here are the rattles
(buzzers.)  I have found out that the last one is called a button, so mine was 5 and a
button.  The three tonight Just had one and a button.  Now do you believe me
about how big mine was?  At least I killed these with a shovel.
As  I was driving back up to the RV, I was worrying about how Richard didn't see
any of the three snakes, and knowing that he damn sure can't hear them, and I
was wondering how I was going to keep him from getting snake bit.  I stopped to
take pictorial evidence that everything really is bigger in Texas.  Look, that moon
is the size of our house!  Do you suppose those snakes are dead yet?  
I wonder if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.