02/19/07 to 03/17/07
Lots of news since the last page.  We've had woodpeckers start nesting in the
trees right off of our deck.  They are very fun to watch.  This picture was taken on
2-21 and the video on 3-4.
Somewhere in the last month Richard got a pen and a little goat house built for the
boys.  Goats can get pregnant as early as 3 months, and our mama's were going in
heat and driving themselves crazy trying to mount Clyde, so this new arrangement
has made everything better.  Before Windy was lonely, Lips, Bonnie and Clyde
were snotty to the other goats, and Batman and Robin had to fend for themselves.  
Now, Batman, Robin and Clyde get along great, and the three girls are best
buddies.   I guess all the pen building wore Sam out.  Here he is on Saturday, 3-3.
Everyone was acting up on Sunday, 3-4.  You already saw the video of the
Woodpeckers playing around.  Here are the girl goats acting goofy.
No, Lips is not standing on Bonnie, she is
just raring up to head butt Windy.  I know it
looks mean, but they are just playing.
So remember how I said the roosters were mean and nasty and Richard built little
huts for them and tied their mean little butts up?  Well Jane and Grace kept
breaking loose.  Not only was this bad because they would attack us, but they
would also gang up on poor stupid Leroy who was always still tied up.  So Leroy
got put in the boy pen with the goats, and that worked for a while until Richard
tried to put a hen in there with him so he wouldn't be lonely, and the hen flew out,
showing stupid Leroy how to do it.  So, the mean nasty roosters were once again
roaming the yard.  Richard's brother Jack was in town, so on Sunday him and
their sister Barbara came over.  Jack went outside to supervise the goat milking.  
Here he is warning Jane not to attack him.  
Richard always takes the freshly squeezed milk, puts it in bottles, and feeds the
young'uns.  He sent Jack on ahead to the boy pen.  Jane decided that would be a
good time to stalk his prey.  Notice his "wingman" Grace is close behind.
Richard caught up to Jack just as Jane did an about face and yelled "on-guard!"
The cane was no match for Jane.  Here's the vicious attack.  Nasty rooster!  Wonder
if Jack will ever visit again?  Notice Grace is waiting in the wings...
On Thursday, 3-8, a woman from the Kansas City Zoo came out to see Batman
and Robin.  I had sent an email to their donation website asking if they would want
two cute mini-goats for their petting zoo.  I didn't expect to get a reply, but she
came out, and said they would take them.  The only condition is that they pass
some health tests, then they will be zoo celebrities.  How exciting!  Monday, 3-12
Richard took them to the vet and we should know the results soon!  Cross your
fingers, and hope they pass.
After lots of emails and phone calls to goat owners across the greater (I mean
much greater) Kansas City area, on Tuesday we finally found a wonderful family
with 8 goats who will let us bring our girls over to get milked when we want to leave
town.  That is a huge relief.  So, two boys going to the zoo, a family to milk the girls,
now all we have to do is decide what to do with Clyde.  
I also ordered an incubator over the weekend, and won some eggs on Ebay.  The
incubator came Tuesday and we fired it up to get it warm.
Thursday morning, 3-15, Wrangler didn't come home.  Sam was a mess all
Thursday night.  He kept jumping at every noise, hoping it was his buddy coming to
play with him.  Friday morning I drove out a different way to check for him and sure
enough, he was on the side of the road.  Very sad.  
Some of the eggs I ordered had come in the mail on Thursday, and Richard went to
the post office early Friday to get the others so we wouldn't have to wait on the
mailman.  We wanted to start them early Friday so they hatch out before Easter.  
We also put some of our own eggs in there of course.  
Since we had 59 eggs in the incubator, it was time to carry out more sad plans.  
Due to the nasty attitudes of our Roosters, Richard cooked up a tasty (but too
chewy) chicken dinner Friday night.  Jane and Grace will no longer terrorize our
backyard.  We invited our neighbors over for the feast.  They tried to eat it, but the
consensus was that it was too tough.  We had a fine meal of mashed potatoes,
green beans and biscuits.  Richard checked with his sisters today, and they've got
him all straightened out on how to cook roosters.  So, what do you name a mean
Rooster?  Stew.  Oh Leroy, guess what your new name is?

The goldfinches are starting to turn yellow, I guess that means spring is on it's way.