02/17/06 to 02/25/06
We were so happy to be able to sit around in the warm sun on Thursday, 2-16,
after spending those cold days in Kansas City, so we were very disappointed
when the weather dropped 40 degrees overnight.  Friday morning we had to
scrape the windshield!  We were concerned about freezing up, so Richard put
the heat tape on the water hose, but it wasn't enough.  Saturday morning we
had to unhook the hose and bring it inside to thaw it out, while a space heater
in the storage space underneath thawed out the rest of the plumbing.  
Bummer!!  Saturday night we let the faucet run, and Sunday the weather started
getting better.  We figure we can handle 2 days of cold weather a year.

Monday and Tuesday we ran errands and worked at the ranch.  Wednesday,
we had planned to go to Fredericksburg to meet up with my friend Shawna.  
She gets to fly all around the country training pharmacies.  (Why can't I get a
job?)  So, she was assigned to San Antonio, and flew in early to hang out.  Of
course, after making all these plans, early Wednesday morning, I finally got my
first call to be a substitute, and had to turn them down.  So Shawna and I went
shopping (while Richard hung out with Grandpa) then we three went to climb
enchanted rock.  It was just as beautiful as always.  
While we were there, we stopped to say hi to Tad's brothers.
Of course we stayed in Fredericksburg with Granny and Grandpa Wednesday
night, and went garage saleing and thrift store shopping with them Thursday
before heading back to Brady.  Friday we went to work at the ranch, and had our
first glimpse of a rattle snake.  Richard spotted him slithering down a hole.  I got
there just in time to see one little rattle sticking out.  I yelled for Richard to get the
gasoline, but he ran to get the shovel instead, and dug up about a three square
foot area before giving up.  Of course it was right next to the barn, so we figure the
little guy is snug and warm under the old concrete floor.  We sure look a little
harder now every time we step into the dark barn and see all the huge cracks in
the concrete floor.  We worked out there again today (Saturday 2-25) and
watched our steps very carefully as we started fencing off an area for a vegetable
garden.  The deer and barn mice have to have something to eat you know.