02/07/06 to 02/16/06
Tuesday morning, 2-7, I interviewed with the school district.  Now I'm on the list
to be called when they need substitute teachers.  Tuesday evening Richard
went to the VFW monthly meeting.  Wednesday we did laundry and got packed
up.  Thursday morning we headed out at 7:00 AM for the long drive to Kansas
City to pick up all the junk (he calls it tools) that Richard had stored in various
garages throughout the Greater Kansas City Area.  After 11 hours and only 3
short bathroom stops, we got back to cold Kansas City.  The good news is that
on the highway without our trailer the gas mileage on our truck went up to a
respectable 15.70 MPG.  Of course we paid out $9.00 in tolls, so there went
our gas savings.
Friday, Tony took us to the Home Improvement show.  I guess I should have told
him we don't have a home to improve just yet.  Then he loaded our truck with
junk that had been stored in his garage.
Saturday it snowed big wet nasty flakes, and it was so cold.  The perfect day to
go stand outside and shop for truck toppers right?  
Even the cardinals thought it was cold.
Sunday was still bitter cold, but we had to go stand outside for hours trying to get
the truck topper we had purchased on Saturday secured to our truck to protect all
the crap we were collecting.  
Once that was done and we had warmed up, we went to visit Dave and Cecile,
then we bought some pizzas and took them to Doug and Sara's house (where
we collected more junk.)
On Monday we goofed off while we waited for people to get home from work to
collect more junk.  We would have collected everything over the weekend, and
been on the way back home already, but my step-brother was supposed to be
having a baby (well, his wife Lysa was anyway) any time, and they had promised
to induce on Tuesday, so we were hanging around.  So, Monday night we
collected more junk and then very early Tuesday Lysa had her baby, Dylan.  I was
glad we didn't have to sit around all day waiting for them to induce her.  Dylan
was born at 6:30AM, and we got there at 10:30 to see him.  I got to give the
four-hour-old little guy his very first bottle.  
That meant, of course, that I also had to deal with his first spit up.  I
quickly handed him back to mom.
So after passing off the little bundle of joy, we headed to Richard's sister's house
to pick up more junk.  I didn't think there was any more room in the truck, but we
rearranged for the 4th time, and got it all in there.  We stayed at her house
Tuesday night, and headed back down to Texas all day Wednesday.

Today, Thursday 2-16, is the 3rd Thursday of the month, which means
pickin-n-grinnin at the neighbor's house, so we'll probably go to that after
unloading the truck.