02/04/07 to 02/18/07
Not a lot to report.  The babies aren't getting much bigger, and I haven't gotten a
lot of good pictures, until today that is.  It snowed here, and the chickens don't like
to be in the snow, especially Leroy.  Richard feeds and waters Leroy right outside
of his little hut so he can just stick his head out to eat.  Well, Windy and Lips think
chicken scratch tastes great, so they always go over and fight the roosters for it.  
Today Leroy gave in and let the goats eat his food, in exchange for a warm place
to roost.  Hilarious!
Still early morning, so the
color is not so good.  Leroy
is standing on
We couldn't believe
she would put up
with that.
Even more
Leroy on top of
Lips.  Here he had
just got on.  You
can see in Lips'
face she is trying
to decide if this is
okay or not.
Leroy is thinking,
"This is the warmest
roost I've ever been
on.  Keep eating little
Leroy:  Goin' to Surf
City, gonna have
some fun,
Goin' to Surf City,
cause it's two to
Two Goats for every

Lips:  Hahahahahahaha,
I should have more pictures of the little goats, but they never hold still.  Here's one
from last week, Batman with our rooster Jane.  Shows you just how small these
little guys are.  And finally a group photo from last weekend, all six goats sunning
themselves.  The only thing missing is the sun...  Damn Missouri.