So, the last update was 5-25-07, back when we still had foxes.  I guess I'll start
there and try to update an entire year...
We loved the foxes, and wanted to keep them.  They were litter-box trained and
the cats loved playing with them.  
Click here to see fox-cat video.  However, even
if we had been able to get a permit for them, we would not legally have been able
to keep them in the house so we turned them in to the Conservation Dept.
Our summer went too fast.  The raccoons found my bird feeders, so my
bird-watching was put on hold while we trapped and re-located 5 of the nocturnal
feeder-destroyers.  We visited Batman and Robin at the zoo, caught up on all the
gossip at the Bronson family reunion, hatched out more chicks, and spent 10
days in Jamaica.  Sadly, shortly after we returned from Jamaica in late August,
our buck Clyde died.  He was our only remaining buck and of course fall is the
time of year when the girls need to be bred.  Windy can put up such a fuss when
she's in heat!  
In September we bought more chicks and made a trip to Reno where we
camped at Eagle Lake with friends, saw Richard's son and grandson and made
sure Lake Tahoe was still where it should be.
In October, I finally had a great excuse to go back down to Texas after more than a
year:  my Granny Hilda turned 80!  Richard drove down several weeks before I flew
down, so the bunkhouse was in excellent condition when I arrived.  The weather
was perfect and the view from our little hill was as beautiful as I remembered.  
Sam was afraid that all our attention was going to the chickens, so when
Halloween rolled around, he decided to dress up as a rooster.  During all our
traveling, our neighbors across the street have been doing all our animal chores.  
Their 18-month-old daughter liked the chickens so much that she also dressed up
as a rooster for Halloween.  Guess our chickens are trend-setters.  
Our neighbors across the street were only doing the feeding and watering chores,
not the milking, so we found a family with a herd of full-blood Nubians to trade off
milking duties.  After several months of Windy yelling until she was horse (well, just
her throat anyway, the rest of her was still a goat) during her heat cycle, we sent her
over to "visit' the full-blooded Nubian buck.  If things went as planned, she will have
kids in late May.  We don't want to breed them all back to full-blood Nubians, so we
searched all over the web for a full-grown mini-Nubian buck for sale.  No one in the
entire country had one for sale.  We briefly considered AI, but gave that up due to
the cost involved.  While we didn't find any bucks for sale, our search did turn up
some does, so logically we had to buy them.  (Well, that's Bronson logic anyway.)  
So mid-January we drove up to Wisconsin to pick up our two new goats.  Brownie,
who is supposed to be bred and will be due early April, and Lyn who is just 7
months old.  They are much mini-er than ours are!  
We drove all the way to North West Wisconsin and back on a Friday, then on
Saturday, we had another new addition come to live with us, our Bagel
(Beagle-Basset mix) Gracie.
Gracie thinks she should get to sleep on the bed.  We think she is way too big
(and usually too stinky) to sleep on the bed, but we don't want her to be sad, so
sometimes we just have to give in and take a nap on the floor with her.  
The second day Gracie lived here, she decided to give Big Tex a ride around the
yard, in her mouth.  Richard explained things to her, loudly, and she has been the
best little chicken guard dog ever since.  She loves to play with the goats.  Some
of them will play with her, too.
And of course, I've taken lots of goat-doggie video.  Click to see:
Gracie getting a belly rub.
Gracie and Lyn playing, and Gracie and Lyn playing again.
Gracie trying to play with all the goats.   (That's Lips yelling in the background.  She
is tied up because she is horrible to the new goats.)
Gracie trying to play with Windy (unsuccessfully--watch those ears go!)
We have been having so much fun with her.  Richard nicknamed her Flash (the
videos are misleading, she spends most of her time laying around looking lazy)
and delights in telling people we got her from Grayhound rescue.  "Yup, you should
have seen her before she wore her legs off racing," you know, things like that.  He's
even measured her ground clearance.  

It's amazing how fast we've become "dog people."  We even took her to PetCo
yesterday to show her off.   And, of course, I finally updated my website so you
could see all the video of her and the new goats.  Hopefully she will keep me
encouraged to keep updating!