02/03/06 to 02/06/06
By now I'm sure you are tired of reading about all the things that go wrong for us.  
But, if I leave those things out, there will be nothing else to say.  On Friday, 2-3,
Lonnie from Wallis Auto Sales called to tell me the car was running again, good as
new.  He had just changed a few spark plugs.  So, off we went on the 70 mile drive
to San Angelo.  We drove it around town a while, and it ran fine, so Richard
followed me on the 70 miles back to Brady.  
Saturday we spent the entire day washing, waxing, vacuuming and cleaning the
car.  Doesn't she look nice?
Sunday was the Superbowl of course, and so we headed down to Fredericksburg
to have a Superbowl Party with Granny and Grandpa.  When we got there it was
so nice outside that they decided we should climb to the top of Cross Mountain.
Then we headed inside and ate too
much food and watched the
Steelers beat the Seahawks.  We
said goodbye the next morning, got
in my car, and it wouldn't start.  Of
course, we were parked behind
Granny's car, on a steep driveway,
so there was no way of getting her
car out to jumpstart mine.  Granny
had to call the landlord to come
jumpstart my car.  So while we were
in the big city of Fredericksburg, we
decided we better head to the
Wal-Mart and have my battery
checked.  Sure enough, it was bad.  
So for the car that wasn't going to
cost me any money right way, we
put in a $50.00 battery, and got a
$20.00 oil change since we were
there anyway.  
So, my fancy car starts again now,
and runs.  Any guesses what the
next problem will be?