01/29/07 to 02/03/07
Because cousin Laurel was in town, I made a good effort to leave work on time.  
She stayed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, so the goats got lots of play
time.  (I had reminded her to pack her goat clothes.)  She loved the babies, but not
enough to take one home with her.  Clyde pouted and wanted all her attention, of
course, the big baby.  He is almost as big as Laurel.  
Bonnie and the older girls had been behaving very well so we let her sleep in with
the big girls Wednesday night.
Laurel caught a flight home early Thursday morning.  We had offered to wash her
goat clothes for her, but she decided to pack them so she could share the goat
experience with all the TSAs that might rummage through her suitcase.
Richard took Batman and Robin in to get dehorned on Thursday.  That was our two
week old birthday present to them.  The vet shaved way more of their poor little
heads than was necessary, so now they look awfully silly.  The three boys had been
staying together for several days, and unfortunately were getting very lax in their
potty-training.  They decided that the box was a nice place to cuddle up, so if
anyone had to pee, there were goats laying in the box, so they would pee on the
floor instead.  It didn't matter how many boxes we put in, they would either lay in pee,
or pee on the floor, or both!  I shouldn't have been surprised after seeing how gross
Rambo was with his pee activities!  Well, enough was enough, so I told Richard to
get the boys out of here!  
Friday at work I sent around an email inviting everyone over to pet goats.  I didn't
think anyone would, but they always are big-talking about wanting to pet the goats.
While I was inviting everyone over, Richard was putting straw and a second heat
lamp out in the barn, so on Friday night, the boys slept with the chickens.  No more
goats in my basement!  
Saturday I got up and cleaned the house, just in case I had goat-petting visitors.  
Here is Sam helping me mop:
He also got a new nickname:  Sam the Saturday Starling Stalker.  The Starlings
had come to the feeder several times.  First I clapped to scare them away, but they
came back.  So I shot the pellet gun in their direction to scare them away, but they
came back.  So I shot the pellet gun at them.  Feathers flew and it scared them
away.  I thought the sting from the pellet gun would keep them away for sure, but I
happened to glance out the window a few minutes later, and here's what I saw.  
The glare is because I took the picture through my sliding glass door, and the front
door is reflecting in it.  I opened the door to get a better picture, but it was too late,
the Starlings had flown away.  They didn't come back this time!  Good Sam???
I did have one co-worker, Kimberlee, come by with her son Kyle and step-daughter
Kelsey.  Most kids that come over are scared or uninterested, but Kyle wanted to
do everything.  They milked the goats and held chickens and sampled goats milk.  
Kyle and I even waited patiently in the cold barn so we could see Elaine lay an
egg.  Very exciting!  They stayed long enough to be able to give Batman and
Robin their 4:30 bottles.  I don't think people realize how much fun Saturdays at
Ramblers' Roost can be!