01/22/06 to 01/30/06
We have been working at the ranch all week.  We cleared brush, cleared some
brush, then cleared a little brush.  We have made some progress.  We got a
crossing put in, so now we can actually drive into the place.  We had all 1000
feet of the electricity staked, paid the outrageous $3690.00 charge (for only
three poles!) and cleared the required 20 foot wide path so they can come put
our electricity up tomorrow (01/31.)
With all the mesquite we've been cutting down, we had lots of wood, so I spent
an entire afternoon hauling loads of logs to the barn and stacking them up.  
Surprisingly, they fell over.  So much for my first log-stacking attempt.
Since we've been working so late, we had the opportunity to see some beautiful
sunsets on our drives back to Brady.
Most importantly, the well digger is coming tomorrow.  $10.00 a foot to dig,
whether he hits water or not, plus $100 per hole.  He will dig as many as we let
him.  Then if (okay, let's be positive, when) he hits water, it's another $5.50 per
foot to put the casing in, then who knows how much for a pump.
So, tomorrow afternoon we will have water and electricity, then we can move
our RV out to the ranch.  Yeehaw!