01/18/07 to 01/28/07
Whew Boy, we've been busy.  Richard has been giving 18 bottles a day, I have
been working 18 hours a day (well, okay, really only 11 or 12, but 18 sounded
better.)  We brought on the Tyson account at work and it has made things very
hectic.  Too much to do in an 8 hour day.  When I finally get home it is 7:00
milking time, which I skip to make dinner, then I put on my goat clothes and sit
with my "babies" for an hour until bottle time.  While I've been slaving away at
work, Richard has done the morning and evening milking, made bottles,
emptied goat boxes and scrubbed goat pen floors every day.  And he loves
these goats so much, he won't give it up!  
Last weekend, right after Windy's boys were born--oh yeah, we named them,
Batman and Robin, how cute is that?--anyway, after they were born it snowed
all weekend.  Richard and Bonnie and Clyde went out to play around.
(The video is cute,but for those of you who can't watch my videos, I'm including
a picture as well.)
The snow also brought out more
birds, including one that we hadn't
seen before, a Carolina Wren.
It's amazing I
get any birds
at all with
bad cats like
We had the little boys separated from Bonnie and Clyde, but to celebrate them
being a week old, we introduced the four of them during Thursday night goat
hour.  I wanted a group picture of course.  Damn those goats are wiggly!  
Here's the first attempt, not so pretty.  Where's Batman?  
You know those little monkeys that do hear no evil, see no
evil...  That's what this picture reminds me of.  
Second attempt, Robin is trying to fly.
Finally, a lap full of goats.  Say feta...
What I really wanted in a group photo was to show their dramatic difference in size.  
Batman and Robin are 2 and a half weeks younger than Bonnie and Clyde, but they
were about half their birth size when they were born.  Here's the best comparison
shot I could get.  My biggest boy, Clyde and my smallest boy, Batman.
Clyde is such a mama's boy.  He got very irritated with me that I was putting other
goats on my lap, with or without him, so he climbed in my lap and spread out as
best he could so no other goats could have my attention.  He is such a sweetheart,
but what am I going to do when he gets bigger?!
We had so much fun Thursday night, that we let the four babies play together
again Friday night.  Robin and Clyde decided to square off to see who was the
dominant buck.  Hard to believe, but Robin won out!  
While watching them play Friday night, we also decided that it was time to
separate Bonnie and Clyde.  Clyde has been mounting his poor sister since day
one.  SERIOUSLY, since DAY ONE.  No big deal, he never got anywhere close
to accomplishing anything, but Friday night he was making those funny faces and
noises that Rambo used to make every time he saw Lips.  Goats can get
pregnant at 3 months or earlier, and it's never good if they do get pregnant that
young, so Saturday Richard went to work putting a divider in the wine room to
keep Clyde off of Bonnie.
They turned 4 weeks old on Saturday, and had been off of their mama for three
weeks.  I thought we should test it and see if they would run right back to their
mama, but Richard was opposed, he was sure they would.  I talked him into it, so
we let Lips and Windy out while Bonnie and Clyde were still out.  What a
surprise!  Lips tried to mount Clyde and butted Bonnie.  No nursing going on
While we were outside making sure no one started nursing, we got to see Sam
walking Jane.  Did I ever mention that the roosters are tied up?  Well they got
mean, and we staked them out in the yard, each with their own little hut and food
and water.  We feed the hens over there, so they can "socialize" and everything
is good.  Well Jane broke free.  They are normally tied up with heavy duty fishing
line, but the only time to catch them is at night when it is dark, so Richard put a
clothes line on Jane Friday night and was going to catch him with it and tie him
up on Saturday.  Instead Sam thought we had made him a new cat toy.  Every
time Jane took a step, Sam would pounce.  Jane was the most vicious of the
three roosters, I even had bruises to prove it, so I was a little worried about Sam,
but still, it was hilarious!  (You can hear the microwave beep in the second video
as we heat up another round of bottles.)
After all our fun on Saturday, it was not a quiet night.  Even though Bonnie and
Clyde could see each other, they protested loudly about not being together.  We
had been letting Bonnie and Clyde out all morning, and letting the Mamas out in the
afternoon.  Friday we let Batman and Robin out with Bonnie and Clyde, but now
since we're segregating the sexes, we let Clyde, Batman and Robin out to romp
while Richard cleaned their pens and tried to entertain a very noisy Bonnie.  He
tried to have me hold her while I was at the desk filling out her registration papers,
but she kept trying to eat them, so finally Richard decided he should take her on a
walk.  They went all the way around the block and had a great time.
I checked on the boys several times while they were outside, and although I was
never fast enough to catch it on camera, Robin backed down Clyde several
times.  Even though he is half Clyde's size, he is definitely the dominant buck.  
Then the boys came in and it was Bonnie's turn to be outside with the mamas.  
She mimicked everything the big girls did.  Windy is kinda mean to her though,
so we don't want to let her sleep out there with them just yet.
The three girls:
Since the boys get along, we put Clyde in with them, so now instead of both Clyde
and Bonnie hollering, it's just Bonnie.  We brought her in about 20 minutes ago,
and she has been yelling ever since.  My cousin Laurel is coming tomorrow to
stay for 3 nights.  We sure picked a good time to separate them!  In fact, I should
be getting ready for her visit instead of spending all this time on the website.  As
you may have noticed, I changed the main page.  It's still a work in progress, so
bear with me as I add new links.  We had to come up with a farm name and a
herd name for the Miniature Dairy Goat Association to get these babies
registered.  If you got our Christmas letter, you may remember that we were
debating about what to call this place.  We weren't to happy with any of the names
we came up with, and finally had settled on Rancho Frio.  However, we were
struck with brilliance while filling out goat forms (at least we think so) and came up
with the real name of this place:  Ramblers' Roost.  Now, we could have gone with
Ramblers' Ranch, but that sounds too permanent for us.  We're just roosting here
for now.  And that, of course, makes our herd name Ramblers' Ruminants.  
Yup, we're goat ranchers.
(Kinda like we were RVers, and wine makers, and cotton farmers...)
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