Well the babies are finally here, and they are stinky boys!!!  We had girls
names all picked out.  What went wrong?  We are seriously not happy.  At
least they are cute!!  (And about half the size of those huge kids Lips had!)
After getting them to take a bottle and a little nap, we let Bonnie and
Clyde out to meet their new BROTHERS!
Bonnie, our
ONLY little girl,
acting like she
has no interest
Sam decided that since we had taken them away from their momma, he would
need to clean them.  The didn't really appreciate it, but it sure made Sam feel
important.  He made sure to get them both.
We've been letting Bonnie and Clyde run the basement stairs every now and
then.  They think it is the most fun thing ever.  Up and down, up and down.  Too
cute, so I took video.  Be sure to watch to the end to see the new babies.
(For easier viewing, lay your right ear on your right shoulder)