After publishing the site yesterday, I spend the rest of the afternoon trying to
format the edited video so everyone could watch it.  I still don't think I
succeeded, but the non-edited version was 10 minutes long, and I didn't think it
would load for some people.  So tonight after dinner we were playing with the
babies, and they were so cute, so I went and got my camera.  They like to jump
on us and play.  Richard's bad joke telling has rubbed off on me.  After my
non-humorous comment, I was almost too embarrassed to upload it, but the
kids are so cute I just had to:
Since I didn't want another 10 minute video, I kept cutting it off and starting
again, but this is really the sequence of events, with only a few seconds in
between.  For those of you who couldn't open yesterday's video, here's my
potty-training proof.  Notice how she acts unhappy that she has to stop playing
to go pee, and even considers not stopping as she hops to the box.  (FYI, you
probably shouldn't sit down with a camera in a room full of goats.)
Good girl Bonnie!  Next it was time for Clyde to get down to business:
They played so much they wore themselves out and started panting.  
Listen carefully:
Finally, I decided it would be fun to get a video of all four of us playing.  I set the
camera on the shelf and sat down.  They just love cuddling up to their mom!  
I'm not sure that 5 short videos will load any better than one long one, but I hope so.  
I didn't attempt to edit any of these, since I think that's what caused the problem last
time.  Still no signs from Windy that new babies are on their way...