01/11/06 to 01/15/06
On Wednesday, 1-11, after we left the GM dealership (It was a resister, not a
rodent.  They had to order it, and told us to come back the next morning.) we got
everything ready with our down payment, then headed to the ranch to make sure
everything was still in order.  We may have lost our froggy friends when the front
pond/tank dried up, but we gained an armadillo.
did our
Although I think
our armadillo
friend is awfully
cute, we may
have to evict
him.  I hear
armadillos are
very hard on
gardens.  He
has a while to
look for his new
home though,
since we won't
be planting
veggies for a
long while.
Since everything is dry and all the leaves are off of the scrubby little mesquite trees
that are all over the place, we were able to easily spot our ONE real tree, a live oak.
 I want lots more of these, but they take forever to grow.  Of course, our ONE tree is
one inch from the fence.  Why couldn't it be right in the middle somewhere?  
The back tank still had water in it, and it looks good.  Maybe the frogs have just
relocated.  (See the moon?)
As we left, Richard stopped to take a picture of the cow skull mounted at our gate.  
Yup, I'll be taking that down first thing.
Thursday morning we got our truck fixed.  Then we talked to the real estate agent
about where I could get a job.  He tried to sell us more properties instead.  Then
we checked into getting liability insurance on the ranch.  We were tired of being
social, so we skipped Bingo night at the VFW.  Maybe next week.  

Friday we closed, without any trouble, then headed to the assessors office to get
our ag. exemption, then to the Farm Bureau to buy our membership and sign up
for the insurance.  Then we had to go to the Lohn post office to get a PO box.  We
wanted a real mailbox, but here is the problem.  The post office cannot assign a
mailbox without us having a 911 address.  The county will not assign a 911
address until there is a dwelling on the property.  What a pain!  

Then we headed to the ranch to meet the guy from the electric company so he
could measure for estimates on our electricity.  We saw the armadillo again, but
still no frogs.  (I couldn't take the cow skull down, we didn't bring the ladder.)

Saturday morning we hopped on the motorcycle for the long ride down to
Fredericksburg for my Grandpa's 86th birthday.  (When I asked him how old he
was turning that day, he said 86 going on 87!)   
We had cake after lunch, then we went out and got ice cream and candles for
after dinner.  I only put 4 candles on, 86 would have melted the ice cream.
Sunday, 1-15, we rode back to our humble abode in Brady to make plans for
brush clearing tomorrow.