01/07/06 to 01/10/06
My brother, Ben fetched us from the LA airport at 9:30 PM on Saturday, January
7th and drove us to Santa Clarita where we had left our rig.  Even thought the
"security gate" was wide open at 10:30 PM, we found everything in order, safe
and sound.  Not even any evidence of ants or mice or mold.  However, our fears
of flooding weren't so unfounded.  Had we been one row over, we would have
had a messy time getting out, through the 6 inches of standing water.  We were
so glad to be back on our own little bed!  We set the alarm for 5:00 AM with all
intentions of getting an early start.  But we forgot how dark it is in California, and
we wanted to check the tires and stuff before we started out, so we didn't get
moving until daybreak, about 7:00.  We zoomed through sleepy Sunday morning
LA with no traffic troubles.  It was warm and sunny and we enjoyed the Arizona
scenery.  We started seeing cacti as soon as we crossed out of California!  
However, shortly into our trip, the fan on our truck air/heat system quit working, so
the sun that we thought was so nice got to be a little hot.   
See the moon?  

It was out in the
middle of the day!
We finally pulled into a rest area south of Tucson around 7:45 PM West Coast
time to sleep between the semi trucks.  Then we got up and started the same
thing over again on Monday.  New Mexico was nothing to brag about.  Then the
rest area in TX was COLD.  We're moving here to be warm, but it was 40
degrees when we woke up Wednesday morning.  That was 40 degrees
INSIDE the rig!!  Not surprisingly, we didn't get out of bed very early.  Then of
course the truck didn't warm up too fast without the blower working.  So, after
two and a half days, 1340 miles, and 166 gallons of gas (for those of you who
don't want to go get your calculators, that is a miserable 8.07 miles per gallon!)
we finally pulled into an RV park in Brady, TX around noon.

We got all set up, then headed into town to the GM dealer to see about the fan.  
We had checked all the fuses, but the service guy came out to recheck them
before making our appointment and he noticed what we had failed to:  mouse
turds.  Yup, under the hood, mouse tracks and turds everywhere.  He noticed
them because he sees mice making nests in the fuse boxes a lot, and chewing
on wires, so that was the first thing he looked for.  So, when we take it in
tomorrow, if it is mouse damage, it won't be covered under warranty.  Great!

Three days until we close on Rancho Cielo  (at least that's what we're calling it
today.)  We might try to close early since the 13th is somewhat of a holiday
around here.  They even called off school for the Annual Stock Show.  We sure
don't want to miss that.  Oh, and Bingo at the VFW on Thursday.