01/02/07 to 01/14/07
I reluctantly got up Tuesday morning and went to work, leaving my baby goats at
home with their cranky mom.  We fought her all week trying to milk her.  She
absolutely would not let her milk down.  We were lucky to get a cup, if any.  We
put her up in the stanchion at 7 and 7 every day anyway, hoping she would
straighten out, but she didn't.  She got meaner and meaner, and the babies did
not love us and come running to see us, like we had hoped.  Since we couldn't
get any milk out of Lips, we were inspired to name the babies:  Bonnie and
Clyde, because they steal all our milk.  
I got in touch with the breeder from whom we had bought Windy, and started
asking questions.  Apparently, most breeders take the kids the very second they
are born, and bottle raise them.  This way the kids are friendly and the mamas
allow themselves to be milked.  I was worried.  I thought Lips would yell and the
neighbors would think we were slaughtering children in our backyard.  So we put
it off through the weekend.  However, on Monday Windy was starting to take an
interest in the babies, and any time she got close to them, she would feel the
wrath of Cranky Lips.  We were worried about Windy's babies, so we decided to
take action.  We converted the wine room to a goat nursery, threw a blanket in
there, and on Tuesday Richard took the kids away from Lips.  It was bad, but not
as bad as I had expected.  Lips didn't holler as much, and since she was locked
up in the barn, we couldn't hear it anyway.  The babies were a bigger challenge.  
They would NOT take a bottle.  We tried everything, and they just got hungrier
and hungrier.  Wednesday, our friend Cecile came over and spent all day down
in the basement with Richard, trying to get them to eat.  They succeeded in
getting Clyde to eat, but not Bonnie.  Finally, when I got home, she was hungry
enough to let me give her a bottle.  While I was in there, fighting to get her to eat,
I noticed that they were peeing on the blanket rather than cuddling up in it like I
had intended.  I had always joked that I was going to potty train my goat babies,
but I wasn't intending to put much effort in it.  
Well, when I saw that, I got a plastic tub and folded the peepee blanket and put it
in the tub.  They kept peeing on the blanket.  I put a towel under the blanket to get
some scent on it, then took the blanket away (and washed it twice!!)  They still
use the box.  We had to remind them a few times, and sometimes they would
only get two feet in instead of four, so the pee would be on the wrong side of the
box, but they really did good.  I know you're not believing me, but keep reading.  
It gets better.  But first it has to get worse.
I had sent an email to Mark and Sandy, where Rambo is being boarded, to let
them know they are new goat grandparents.  Sandy wrote me back to tell me
that Rambo has been missing for two weeks.  Well my first thought was that he
had gotten his head stuck somewhere because of his horns.  I had already been
gearing myself up for dehorning the babies, which I didn't really want to do.  I had
even asked the advise of Windy's breeder, who pointed out that you can't even
show a goat with horns, and it's all for their own safety.  Remember how Rambo
had gotten his head stuck in the fence in Texas?  Well, this missing Rambo
news prompted me to get the babies in to the vet to get it done.  (It is
recommended to do between 3 days and 3 weeks.)  I have since decided that
Rambo either ran off with a hot looking deer, or is hitch-hiking his way back to
Texas where it is warm.  Good luck Rambo, we'll miss you.
Well, here's where you really won't believe my story.  Saturday morning we are
getting ready to go to the vet, and I didn't want the babies to pee in the truck.  
(We could have put them in the back, but where's the fun in that?)  So I told them
they had to use the bathroom before we left the house.  I put Bonnie in the box,
and she hunkered down and peed for me.  I put Clyde in, and he did the same.  
Richard and I were just looking at each other, not believing our eyes!!  
I wanted to give you proof, so this morning I tried to take video.  I wanted one of
each of them going to the box, but of course they wouldn't cooperate.  Here are
two, half-entertaining, half-boring, videos to prove that we have potty-trained
goats living in our basement.  And you thought we were crazy before!  
This first video is at 6:30 Sunday morning, 01-14-07.
 We were in the middle of feeding when Bonnie
decided to use the box, and I missed her entrance,
but what happens next is pretty typical...
This second video is at the 11:30 feeding.  I caught her
going to the box all by herself, then If you don't think they
are as cute as we do, you will probably yawn while you
watch us bottle feed them.  I finally cut it off when you
hear me say we're probably boring everyone.  
This video has been
edited (I shortened it to
prevent extreme
boredom.)  If your
computer won't play it, try
clicking here to update
your Media Player:
So Lips is now wonderful and loving.  Back to her old self.  She gives 7 cups of
milk at a time.  (It takes me forever to milk her!!  When Richard goes to TX next,
I will be milking her and Windy.  Yikes!)  The babies love us (as you can see in
the videos) and Lips and Windy are best friends again.

Now a Windy update.  For some reason we thought she was due Jan. 11th, but
when I started talking to her breeder last week, she said she was due Jan. 14th.
 I was getting our records together on her, and noticed that she was bred for a 5
day period, which would make her
first possible due date the 14th.  Well I'm
guessing the buck didn't get her the first day, because she is showing no signs
of pending birth.  I had been begging her to have them Friday afternoon so I
could play with them all weekend, but now I just want her to have them TODAY
so I can have a few hours with new babies.  It looks like it will be at least one
more day...
Keep checking back for updates!